Top School Master’s in Organizational Psychology in US

Master’s in Organizational Psychology in the US

A Master’s in Organizational Psychology is a degree program offered at multiple universities in the US. It provides students with the training and skills necessary to build practitioner and research-focused careers that deal primarily with how humans behave in the workplace. Students in these graduate-level programs are well-prepared through rigorous study in theoretical principles and applications of organizational psychology. International students who wish to learn more about how these principles are applied in the US workforce may find these programs an ideal place to study.

What is a Master’s in Organizational Psychology?

When students pursue in a Master’s in Organizational Psychology, they are often asked to complete a set program with required coursework, labs and seminars. This coursework is generally similar throughout all the programs offered across the country, although many programs may have slight differences in focus and topic. However, each accredited course of study can adequately prepare students for successful careers in the field of organizational psychology. Some of the most common course topics include:

  • Work Motivation
  • Job Attitudes
  • Job Analysis and Performance Appraisal
  • Research Methodology
  • Training
  • Team Performance
  • Recruitment, Placement and Selection
  • Social Psychology

The structure of each program may also differ, although many follow a similar outline. Students may be expected to complete 35 to 40 credit hours. Some of these credits may be electives, but many programs are rigid in their requirements and do not offer electives. 3-6 of these required credits may involve the preparation of a thesis.

In some programs, these thesis credits can be replaced with a non-thesis option in which students show their understanding of everything they have learned while in the program by applying it to research. After completing this research under the supervision of a faculty advisor, students must then prepare a research report of publishable quality. Program requirements can differ greatly, so it is essential that students properly research programs prior to enrollment.  

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Organizational Psychology in the US?

A Master’s in Organizational Psychology provides students with an opportunity to engage with many of the most celebrated minds in the field. Under their tutelage, students can gain great insights into what it takes for them to succeed in this industry. This can all take place at some of the most celebrated universities in the nation and around the world. Students are also given the opportunity to build the skills, experience and business contacts necessary to make them a coveted member of the organizational psychology workforce. With this comes greater chances of gaining valuable clients, landing a desirable position, and earning the income that goes along with these advances within the field.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Organizational Psychology?

Graduates of a Master’s in Organizational Psychology are not relegated to the consulting industry, although that can be a highly lucrative and rewarding option for many. They are also able to pursue many different careers in a variety of industries and offices. This includes:

  • Employee Counselor
  • Technology Consultant
  • Human Resources Manage
  • Business Researcher
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Efficiency Expert
  • Psychology Instructor
  • Market Researcher

Many graduates of these programs choose to enter the workforce as human resources managers. People who choose this path are responsible for hiring and firing workers, ensuring employees are aware of all policies, job duties and benefits. They may also advise managers on policy matters like sexual harassment, equal employment opportunity and recommend changes as needed.

Other graduates may choose to become technology consultants. These individuals have the unique responsibility of studying the interaction between machines and humans and then applying their knowledge to business practices as needed. They may evaluate the usability of technologies as they are introduced to the workplace and research how a new technology might be best received. These professionals are often independent contractors, entrepreneurs or even full-time integrated staff.

A Master’s in Organizational Psychology can prepare students for a variety of rewarding and exciting careers in many industries. Graduates have the unique ability to choose an industry they are passionate about and apply their skills to help those businesses succeed. To get started on this career path, simply evaluate which program can help you attain your goals and apply. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can take the first steps toward your new career in organizational psychology.