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Master’s in Pre-Medicine

A Master’s in Pre-Medicine is a graduate-level degree program in which students take advanced courses in biology, chemistry and physics in preparation for entry to a medical doctoral degree program. In many cases, these pre-medicine programs are used as a means by which students can prove their ability to succeed in medical school, and as preparation for their medical school entry exams. If successful, graduates can go on to find great success, first in medical school and then as doctors in their chosen field.

What is a Master’s in Pre-Medicine?

A Master’s in Pre-medicine is a science-heavy program that offers courses aimed at preparing students for medical school. Most programs require students to take extensive coursework in health-related fields. Potential coursework often includes:

  • Gross anatomy
  • Organic chemistry
  • Bioethics
  • Cellular sciences
  • Medical arts and sciences
  • Health systems
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

Some programs may cater specifically to providing students with the information they need to be successful in their medical school exams. Others offer a more generalised approach that focuses on prepping the students for the rigors of medical school curriculum, which can be much more in-depth than bachelor-level work.

To help produce the most prepared students possible, many programs require students to be involved in seminars, advisement sessions and lectures on current health topics. This could include medical ethics, healthcare financing and health disparities. Many programs throughout the world may also offer assistance with the medical school application process, including how to write personal statements, choosing a medical school program, and completion of secondary applications.

Entry into these programs is often less strict than medical school. Student with GPA of 2.5 and moderate MCAT scores can often find admittance. Depending on the university from which students are earning their degree, students may also be required to produce a thesis.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Pre-Medicine?

Students have the option of pursing entrance into medical school immediately following graduation from a bachelor degree program. In many instances, however, this is not enough preparation for the rigorous science courses that students must pass in medical school. Master degree programs in Pre-Medicine are often a better way for students to prepare for medical school and their entrance exams. With the extra education this degree provides, students can find greater success in medical school and during their residency and fellowships, which may result in greater pay as well. Students who wish to forgo medical school can also use the pre-medicine program as a stepping stone to a PhD in a variety of medicine-related fields of study.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Pre-Medicine?

Most students who pursue a Master’s in Pre-Medicine go on to medical school in anticipation of becoming a medical doctor. Upon graduating medical school, these physicians can choose from a wide variety of specialties, including neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and general surgery. They may choose to work independently, or as part of a group of doctors associated with a particular hospital. In many cases, physicians may choose to focus their careers on researching diseases, disorders and other medically-relevant issues.

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