Master’s in Medicine in the UAE

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Are you interested in an advanced career in the medical field, yet do not necessarily want to have to go to medical school? Are you already an M.D. and are looking to change your specialty or expand your skills? Do you want to help further the reach of medical care, yet not in a clinical role? A Master’s degree in medicine can help you achieve any of the aforementioned ambitions.

While you are considering furthering your education, you may also want to contemplate the unique experience that such a venture may provide. Going to graduate school offers you the excuse to get out of your comfort zone and experience new places and cultures. There are plenty of graduate programs in medicine offered internationally that will provide you with the level of academic excellence that you are hoping for. At the same time, studying abroad can also open the door to wealth of new professional opportunities. One area of the world where higher education is seeing a significant boom is in the United Arab Emirates. You may very well find that medical graduate programs in the UAE offer the educational and cultural experience that you are searching for.

What Is a Master’s Degree in Medicine?

But first things first: what is a Master’s degree in medicine? These programs are designed to help you take the theoretical knowledge you acquired during your undergraduate studies and apply it to real-world clinical applications through research. Typically, an undergraduate degree in health or life sciences will help best prepare you for the coursework that you’ll encounter during your Master’s program. However, if yours is not in a field related to medicine, you may still qualify for admission if you take the required leveling coursework. A graduate entrance examination may also be a prerequisite that you must meet.

Your introductory coursework will typically focus on supplementing your existing knowledge of the health sciences. Early topics covered will likely include immunology, physiology, anatomy, and pathology. As you progress throughout the program, the coursework will become more customised to your particular professional and educational background, as well as what you hope to do with your degree. Included among the more advanced coursework are classes in:

  • Applied Biochemistry
  • Human Genetics
  • Health and Human Performance
  • Cardiovascular Systems
  • Repertory Systems
  • Transnational Medicine

Among the more renowned schools in the UAE that offer Master’s degrees in medicine are:

  • The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland-Dubai
  • Gulf Medical University
  • The Harvard Medical School for Global Health Delivery-Dubai

These prestigious institutions offer you the chance to pursue programs related to healthcare management, leadership in health professions, and safety, quality and informatics leadership.

Why Get Your Medical Master’s Degree in the UAE?

One question that you may still have is regarding the exact benefit of pursuing a Master’s degree in medicine. On top of that, you may also wonder why you should consider the UAE as the ideal place to obtain such a degree. The answer to the first question depends largely on where you hope to go in the medical field. To fill high-ranking positions on both the clinical and non-clinical sides of healthcare, a graduate-level degree is often a requirement. Plus, if you hope to continue your education to the post-graduate level (to say, an M.D. or a PhD.), a Master’s degree in medicine can help prepare you for that.

Why choose to complete your studies in the UAE? The higher-education system there is still relatively new, yet in recent years it has grown significantly thanks to high acceptance rates for both men and women. Several American and British universities have set up satellite campuses there. Finally, as many of the graduate programs in the UAE are aimed at foreign students that local officials are hoping will stay and ply their trade there, most coursework is offered primarily in English.

What You Can Do with a Master’s Degree in Medicine?

In general, those looking to earn a Master’s degree in Medicine are doing so for one of three reasons:

  • They are medical doctors hoping to acquire new knowledge and skills in order to increase the range of services that they may offer to patients.
  • They work in healthcare administration and wish to increase their understanding of clinical concepts.
  • They are academics looking to expand their knowledge base in hopes of then teaching it at an undergraduate level.

Any one of these goals will drive your decision-making when structuring your coursework for your master’s degree program.

There may still be plenty of room for your career in healthcare to grow, provided you know what opportunities are out there awaiting you. Getting your Master’s degree in medicine while also experiencing the culture of the UAE can help you to achieve your professional goals while simultaneously making unique memories that will last a lifetime.