Masters in Clinical Psychology in Canada

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Master’s in Clinical Psychology in Canada – Be a Leader in Your Field

If you are interested in working as a clinical psychologist in Canada, you can get closer to that dream with advanced study. Understanding theories and practices of unlocking the human mind is something that is part of psychological study in a Master’s in Clinical Psychology program. In Canada, students can pursue advanced degrees in clinical psychology in order to meet the requirements set forth by the Canadian Psychological Association. In order to be admitted to an advanced degree program, you must have been awarded a bachelor’s degree.

What Is a Master’s in Clinical Psychology?

Clinical Psychology is a combination of the understanding of how the brain works, behavioural theory and clinical practices. The centrepiece of this field of study involves the human mind and its processes. Additionally, this subject aims to look for better ways to assist individuals who struggle with mental illness or behavioural disorders. In clinical psychology, drug therapies are not administered, so it uses strictly behavioural treatments. Some schools in Canada that offer advanced study in psychology are Ryerson University, University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and Yorkville University.

If you are part of an advanced degree program in psychology, you may be engaged in study for up to two years. At the heart of most programs is a student developing an understanding of mental health. Students in some schools may opt to specialise in specific areas of psychology as well, such as psychological research, child psychology, women’s issues or psychotherapy practices. Some examples of the courses involved in a clinical psychology program are:

  • Research in Clinical Psychology: Students investigate the role of data in psychological research. Study methods are analysed and developed for further understanding of the mind.
  • Childhood Development: The child’s brain is examined throughout the different stages of life from infant to adolescent.
  • Community Psychological Treatment: Different issues in treating under served populations, such as the elderly or the poor, may be analysed.  
  • Psychotherapy: Students learn about the different treatment options available in a clinical setting, such as counselling and cognitive behaviour therapy.
  • Ethics in Psychological Treatment: Some schools may offer training in recognising situations that push the limits of the profession’s ethics

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Clinical Psychology in Canada?

While obtaining a master’s degree in psychology is not a direct way to open a practice in psychology, it can help you get closer to a doctoral program. Once you complete a doctorate in this field, you can opt to become a practising psychologist. If you are looking to pursue a career in education or social work, an advanced degree in psychology can lead you to a higher salary and more options. Taking courses in clinical psychology can help you gain a greater understanding of how the mind works. You may take some of this advanced knowledge and be able to apply it to your relationships with your family and friends as well.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Clinical Psychology?

Once you have earned a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, you can continue to study in the field or go directly to work. Some graduates are able to secure employment within the government in relation to assisting with mental healthcare. Other former students may find jobs with private non-profits, or businesses that assist in helping people cope with tough life situations. Additionally, you may also be able to work in the field of education.

If your ultimate career goal is to be a certified clinical psychologist, your Master’s in Clinical Psychology can help. Once you have earned this degree, you can apply for a program that awards a doctorate in the field. Then, after additional study, you can open your doors to a private practice and a lucrative salary. If you want to start working in a government agency, you may be able to work with a health organisation in order to assist with better mental health treatments. Some people work as substance abuse counsellors with this degree. They may also provide services assisting board-certified clinical psychologists in private practice. In a school setting, those with a background in clinical psychology can work with students having learning or behavioural disabilities.

If you are trying to decide on the path that is right for you, a Master’s in Clinical Psychology may be in your best interest. If you plan to be a practising clinical psychologist or just work with one, this degree could help you get started on your journey.