Top Programs for Master’s in Legal Management in Canada

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Master’s in Legal Management in Canada

A Master’s in Legal Management in Canada is an advanced program that combines the study of legal, business, and organisational principles in the context of effective law firm management. Studying legal management in Canada allows students to choose from many excellent schools and a variety of focused programs. Students will gain a deep understanding of the legal complexities that make managing a law firm a unique endeavor.

What Is a Master’s in Legal Management?

In Canada, a Master’s in Legal Management may be offered by law schools, business schools or other graduate departments of a university. Some Master’s programs are geared towards practicing attorneys who are involved, or hope to become involved in managing their law firms. Other types of programs also admit non-attorney legal professionals such as paralegals, law librarians, law administrators or managers at businesses that provide services for law firms. Usually, this Master’s program takes between one and two years to complete.

The main focus of a Master’s in Legal Management tends to consist of the unique aspects of successfully managing a law firm’s function. As with other types of business, a successful law firm needs efficient processes, leadership and knowledge networks. Students can expect to take some of the following courses throughout their studies:

  • Legal technology
  • Strategic planning
  • Theories and practices of law firm management
  • Leadership frameworks
  • Knowledge management in law firms
  • Practical applications of business principles for law firms
  • Human Resources
  • Case flow management
  • Accounting for legal professionals
  • Project management

Most students continue to work while obtaining this Master’s degree; many Canadian programs strive to accommodate work schedules with flexible and part time options.

In addition to focusing on law firm management, some programs offer concentrations on legal management in Canadian and international courts. A few programs also offer courses that cover the principles of small or solo law firm management.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s Degree in Legal Management in Canada?

Both Canadian and international students can gain substantial advantages from earning a Master’s in Legal Management. Today, many law firms have branches worldwide. Multinational corporations also often have numerous legal departments throughout the world. While  the practice of law may be limited by professional licensing requirements in each country, province, or state, many legal management positions are open to non-attorney professionals such as paralegals or court administrators.

The Master’s in Legal Management program provides a thorough understanding of business theory and practice, viewed through the lens of a legal practice. Students will learn about the particular requirements of a law firm as well as best practices for human resource management, legal technology and marketing strategies. Those coming from a management background will appreciate learning about specific legal issues such as the restrictions on permissible types advertisements for attorneys.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Legal Management?

Many graduates who complete the Master’s in Legal Management programs are already qualified attorneys who wish to assume a more management-oriented role in their firm. They may use the knowledge they gain to increase their effectiveness as managing partners or branch managers. They may also head legal departments at corporations or government agencies.  The leadership skills and knowledge of business principles will help them achieve success in this field.

Other students’ goals may include dedicated management or administrative positions, such as:

  • Senior law librarian
  • Head of IT
  • Human resources manager
  • Legal recruiter
  • Case flow manager
  • Marketing director

These positions may be available at law firms of varying sizes, as well as courts, corporations or government departments. The knowledge and skills obtained through this program can also enable graduates to pursue successful careers as management consultants for law firms and legal departments. Whichever career path you choose, your understanding of the ways in which business and management principles operate in the legal field will give you the confidence you need to do well.