Master’s in Legal Management

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Master degree programs in Legal Management offer an intensive program of study focusing on the administrative aspects of effective management in several types of legal arenas. Many programs offer specialisations such as law firm administration, court administration and international court administration. Courses cover the various logistics involved in client development, case management, human resources and other aspects of successful management. Students also study issues specific to the legal profession, including ethics and professional responsibility.

What Is a Master’s in Legal Management?

A Master’s in Legal Management provides a graduate education in the various aspects of successfully managing a legal practice. Students usually choose to specialise in an area of legal management that is most relevant to their career goals. In some countries, this degree program may only be available to students who have completed or are currently completing a professional law degree. Legal management is a complex field and in some jurisdiction may constitute unauthorized practice of law when not undertaken by a lawyer.

The Legal Management curriculum includes courses that examine running a law firm through a business perspective along with the specific challenges inherent to legal practice. A large portion of the coursework typically consists of courses that examine general business and management principles through the lens of legal practice requirements.

In most countries, legal practices and courts are bound by strict regulations in areas such as confidentiality, potential conflict of interest, advertising and promotion, fee sharing and appropriate forms of compensation. Thus, the Legal Management curriculum adapts general business strategy and organisational approaches for success and compliance in the legal sphere. The coursework may include:

  • Court Fiscal Management
  • Law as Business
  • Human Resources
  • Case Flow Management
  • Law Firm Administration
  • Communications and Technology
  • Law Firm Client Relations
  • Accounting
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Media Relations
  • Specialty Courts
  • Legal Recruitment

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Legal Management?

Whether you are a court administrator, a managing partner at a large firm or a solo practitioner, a Master’s in Legal Administration provides the skills and knowledge for effective leadership. The Legal Management coursework provides an awareness of effective management methods along with potential legal issues that is valuable for many legal professionals as well as those working in related fields. The comprehensive business operations and management curriculum is valuable not just for lawyers but also for anyone who is interested in running a successful business.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With A Master’s in Legal Management?

Most Legal Management graduates aim to obtain management positions in law firms or courts. From medium to large law firms, a Legal Management degree can qualify an attorney to become a managing partner or law firm administrator. This position involves overseeing and planning the firm’s business development strategy, human resources policy, diversity initiatives and business operations. Attorneys who own a solo practice or a small firm usually complete this program in order to learn how to effectively manage their practice.

Other graduates may obtain administrative positions with local or international courts. These professionals may manage case flow for the court or assist individual judges. They may also be in charge of human resources or managing court facilities and security.