Master’s in Photography in the US

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Master’s in Photography is a graduate program designed to aid students in furthering their education and developing their photography skills. The program teaches them to expand upon previous experience. International students who have a passion and talent for photography attend programs all over the country, which presents unique opportunities for a variety of photographs.

What is a Master’s in Photography in the US?

A Master’s in Photography in the US prepares individuals to work in a range of fields that require both skill and knowledge in photography. Exact coursework depends on where students decide to study. Many programs include coursework in:

  • History of photography in the US and around the world.
  • Photography theory.
  • Technical and creative aspects of taking good photographs.
  • Seminars and lectures on photography techniques.
  • On-location photography shoots.

Most programs prepare students for both artistic and commercial photography work. Studying photography in the US is a good way for international students to learn about the country’s education system and explore the many landmarks and culturally diverse areas that produce unique photographs.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Photography in the US?

Attending university to obtain a Master’s in Photography in the US offers several benefits. The coursework provided teaches about business as well as photography, making it easier for graduates to speak to firms they wish to work for. Many programs help new graduates with internship or career placement in some of the best firms in the country. A Master’s in Photography gives students access to better jobs with bigger firms. It also makes it more likely for an individual to receive a higher salary.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Photography?

Individuals who earn a Master’s in Photography in the US can go on to work in a variety of positions and for a range of companies. Marketing photographers capture events, architecture, and products when companies need pictures of their products or services in action. Photojournalists may take photos for their local news outlets or travel the world as they document major events for multinational news outlets. Fashion photographers work with models and clothing designers to show off products. They must have good communication skills in addition to their photography skills. Many graduates choose to become educators themselves, teaching students in high school or university about photography.

Regardless of the type of photographers graduates become, many of them can expect to use the same skill sets. Photographers will have the opportunity to use multiple lenses and manual adjustments on their cameras to get the right settings for many types of pictures. They manipulate lighting using special tools to create moods and better capture the subjects of their photographs. Graduates of the program routinely use editing software to remove imperfections from images and create better coloring. They also regularly have the opportunity to use their business and communication skills to win new jobs and talk with the models, stylists and other professionals in the industry. Marketing skills are put to use in the form of advertising to gain new clients.

People who earn a Master’s in Photography in the US go on to work for a wide variety of some of the largest companies in the world. Fashion photographers may work for designers such as Marc Jacobs or Vera Wang. They may also work for specialty designers or department stores. Amazon, eBay and other online retailers use photographers to capture the products they sell. Students who opt to become photojournalists may work for large outlets such as CNN or National Geographic. Sometimes they will opt to work alone and submit work to the outlets they think will be interested. Major photography firms often hire new graduates. Some of them include Andor Technologies, Art Chick Photography, Canon Inc., Fujifilm and Marnie Rose Agency. Other options include owning a private photography studio, working as a freelance wedding or event photographer or teaching photography at one of the many universities around the world.

International students can choose to earn a Master’s in Photography in the US from a variety of universities in many different locations. Choose your preferred location and preferred specialisation and begin your career path today.