Top US Master’s in Media Studies Schools

Master’s in Media Studies in the United States 

The Master’s in Media Studies degree is a way for students to critically analyse aspects of world media. In the US, there are many different programs offering comprehensive examinations of media such as television, film, radio and the internet. Media studies programs are designed to position these various forms of communication within the academic field of study. Potential students who are interested in these programs may be looking to work in media positions. In most situations, media studies graduates have a Bachelor’s degrees in communication or media.

What Is a Master’s in Media Studies?

The influence of media in today’s world is felt all over the globe and in many ways. The spread of messages and images with the internet and globalisation offers many different opportunities for analysis. The Master’s in Media Studies degree is an exploration of the history of mass media, the impact of it and where its future lies. Academic programs that focus on media studies help students understand various theories of media and characteristics of specific types of media. Students may also analyse media messages. Beyond the academic study of the topic, there may also be opportunities to work in production in some media studies programs. Students interested in getting hands-on experience can get more skills in the field that could lead to lucrative work. In the US, schools that have graduate programs focusing on media studies are The New School, the University of Texas at Austin, Boston University, New York University, and Syracuse University.

A Master’s in Media Studies program may take about two or three years to complete, depending on the course structure and requirements. Some of these programs are offered on a part-time basis, designed for those who are already employed in the field and looking for career advancement. Your course of study may include studies in theory, examinations of current media and some sort of research component. The courses you may take may include classes like the following:

  • Mass Media Theory: Various theories about media consumption, purpose and impact are discussed in order to gain understanding of the subject.
  • History of Visual Media: Students learn about the history of film and television and what the future holds for these two industries.
  • Media Law: Students get an idea of various legal issues related to media including copyright, fair-use laws and other problems.
  • Media Management: Students learn about methodologies related to managing projects in the world of television, film or other types of media.
  • Media in the Internet: The role of the internet is discussed along with future trends that may come about in this setting.
  • Research Project: Students develop a research piece related to their possible future career within media.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Media Studies in the United States?

Getting a Master’s in Media Studies allows those who are currently working in media roles to further their knowledge. These individuals also get a chance to advance to leadership positions and make higher salaries. Those new in the field can gain valuable knowledge about the industry that could help them find a job. Both types of graduates from this program are able to immerse themselves into satisfying and interesting work.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Media Studies?

When you are awarded a Master’s in Media Studies, you can often choose which direction you would like your career to go into. If you go back and look at the courses you chose to take, that may help you decide on which part of the media you want to work with. In many cases, graduates from this type of program work within the business aspect of media production. In advertising, they may be hired as media buyers or media planners and help companies plan out their television or internet advertising strategy. They may additionally find work as a multimedia specialist working to develop important brand messaging in online or video technology. Some television jobs may be found in the research department to help organise and catalog materials. Within the public sector, government agencies sometimes hire people with these degrees as public affairs specialists. Related job titles that may interest graduates include writer, editor, marketing professional or advertising account executive.

If you see yourself working in media some day, a Master’s in Media Studies may help you get there. Find out more about the best graduate schools in the US that offer these programs.