Top US Master’s in Graphic Design

Master’s in Graphic Design in the United States 

Aspiring design professionals may look to further develop their skills in the industry with a Master’s in Graphic Design. Graphic design programs allow people with artistic talent to pursue the many career opportunities in the field. These programs show students how to develop this talent into a body of work that shows off marketable design skills. They also prepare students who want to pursue a career in design for various types of media. A Bachelor’s degree is the standard requirement for this program, which many students already have in art or something similar.

What Is a Master’s in Graphic Design?

A Master’s in Graphic Design focuses on the art of visual expression. Programs in this field examine aspects of colour, images, typography, branding and the internet. Students get hands-on practise developing various graphic pieces. Some of the kinds of work that may be completed in this program could be print billboards, brand logos, websites, product packaging or video advertisements. Computer technology is also usually incorporated into graphic design programs. Students may be required to learn skills in Photoshop, Illustrator or other graphic design tools. Many students choose a specialisation within graphic design in order to fine tune their talent in one particular type of design. This can help prepare them better for a career using that skill. Schools in the US that have degree programs for a Master’s in Graphic Design include George Mason University, Colorado State University, Iowa State University, North Carolina State University and many others.

The Master’s in Graphic Design program could take about three or four years to complete. Programs like this are usually housed in university art departments to offer a community of talented artists to support you. Program offerings work to develop practical skills and creativity. Possible topics in your classes for a Master’s in Graphic Design degree may include:

  • Design Theory: Students learn about visual design approaches and get equipped with professional design techniques for various purposes.
  • Interactive Media: Students practise working with online or other types of interactive media in order to create an engaging experience for an audience.
  • Typography Design: The elements of typography are discussed and reasons for choosing one font over the other are analysed.
  • Branding: Students learn about brand and logo design with the perception of images guiding their choices.
  • Visual Space: Students examine the role that space has on the graphic design and explore different forms of media.
  • Portfolio: During their course of study, students gather their best work and present it as a final portfolio before graduating.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Graphic Design in the United States?

Obtaining your Master’s in Graphic Design is the best way to get the necessary career training for this field. Spending time working on your graphic design skills can also equip you with the top tools to create an impressive body of work. You may also develop important network connections with the people in your program for later job prospects. With your portfolio, you may be able to secure a high-paying position in this competitive field.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Graphic Design?

The most popular job title with a Master’s in Graphic Design degree is a graphic designer. This type of position works with visual components in order to develop product images, brand logos or websites. Graphic designers can work solely with print, or they may be involved with online images. Another top job prospect is a web developer. Web developers build websites, test the function of the sites and help propel a company’s online presence. Some graduates take their design skills and use them in a career as an animator or multimedia designer. These positions may work in website design, video game development or within the film or television industry. It is also possible that this degree could take you into a career as an art director. This job helps clients create a visualisation of a design project. Additionally, there are many other job titles that either function in the business of design or with using specific design skills.

A Master’s in Graphic Design is a great way to get into the field of visual branding. Learn more about some of the best programs in the US that can help you get started.