Top Schools for Master’s in Fine Arts

Master’s in Fine Arts

A Master’s in Fine Arts helps students continue their studies in a particular artistic field. The programme usually lasts two years and requires students to choose an area of specialisation. Some of the most popular areas of specialisation include music, visual arts, creative writing, and filmmaking. A heavy emphasis is placed on personal development, and most schools require students to enrol in an independent study at some point. Unlike other degree programmes, the Master’s in Fine Arts programme encourages and fosters a high degree of creativity and free thinking.

What is a Master’s in Fine Arts?

In order to enrol in a Master’s in Fine Arts programme, you will need to be in possession of a bachelor’s degree. Many schools will also require an audition or portfolio submission during the admissions process. After completing a specific number of credit hours, you will be eligible to graduate. You can also expect to engage in the following activities during your studies.

  • Take courses in art, music, writing, filmmaking, dance, and acting.
  • Attend lectures taught by leading academics.
  • Complete a project or performance prior to graduation.
  • Publish academic material for others to read.

In modern times, many fine arts programmes require students to learn about various business and finance-related topics. These business courses are meant to help students prepare for an actual career.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Master’s in Fine Arts?

There are numerous benefits of earning this particular master’s degree. If you earn a Master’s in Fine Arts, you can expect to reap the following benefits.

  • In many Western countries, the Master’s in Fine Arts has become one of the most in-demand and popular degrees.
  • If you wish to earn a higher salary, furthering your education can easily help you do so.
  • If you currently work in the arts industry, earning a master’s may help you advance into a higher-level role.

It is also important to note that if you plan to earn a doctorate, you will need to successfully complete a master’s programme first.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Fine Arts?

This is a highly versatile degree, and your career path will be heavily influenced by your area of specialisation. If you choose to specialise in dance, you may elect to become a professional dancer or instructor. These individuals teach a wide range of dance styles and help students learn how to perform in front of others. If you major in music, you can become a professional musician or singer. Many students choose to focus on a particular instrument or branch of music, and at many schools, classical is the most popular choice.

Creative writing prepares students for a career as a writer or poet. Students will learn the creative and intellectual approach to the creation of literature. This knowledge will help students pursue careers as novelists, screenwriters, and poets. Some also choose to enter the business world as copywriters, editors, or journalists. If you enjoy working with others, you may want to consider becoming a literature teacher or professor. Other career paths for fine arts students include:

  • Actor
  • Painter
  • Filmmaker

Before applying to a school, be sure that its programme offers your particular area of specialisation first.