Best Master’s Degree in Performing Arts in Canada

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Master’s Degree in Performing Arts

Raw talent is only going to take you so far. To bring out the best in your abilities you need to combine your passion for your art with quality instruction and experience. Earning a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts gives you the ability to carve out a career doing what you love most.

What is a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts?

It is an advanced degree suitable for those who want to improve their stagecraft and acting skills. Unlike a liberal arts degree, performing arts focuses on time spent in the studio or theater creating performances. You will not only study how to improve your abilities, but also learn how to develop new material. As a professional, you will learn about the business of being a performer.

Courses Material Includes:

  • Theater History.
  • Dramaturgy.
  • Literature in Theater.
  • Artistic Communication.
  • Multicultural Performances.

Your advisor helps you to create your education plan. You enroll in classes that meet your individual focus. Performing in a drama is different from performing in a comedy or a musical. Styles and individual preferences are part of your individual plan.

You must complete a graduate project to receive your degree. This is either a thesis paper or a presentation of some kind. Working with other students or production companies, you will create an original play or recreate the work of another famous performer.

Entry into one of these degree programs requires previous undergraduate work in a related field. Applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts receive preference, but students with majors in drama, liberal arts, or communication are also considered. You need to pass an entrance exam to demonstrate your English language proficiency, and provide a statement of purpose that outlines your goals.

What Are the Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts in Canada?

Attending universities in Canada offers many advantages to international students. Canada is a culturally diverse nation where foreign guests assimilate easily. English is the language spoken in all courses to improve your language skills. This enhances your employment opportunities worldwide. Canada also offers students plenty of financial support through merit awards, medical insurance, and favorable exchange rates.

The master’s degree program you select will develop your professional skills. You become a better candidate for jobs in a competitive job market. You can expect an increase in earning potential, stable employment, and the freedom to select more of the projects you enjoy working on.

Your new skills are valuable to production companies:

  • Direct groups of actors to draw the best performances out of their raw talent.
  • Improved ability to communicate a character’s emotions and motives to an audience.
  • Write or rewrite complicated scripts to clarify the meaning of a scene.
  • Manage the stage and provide leadership for the rest of the production staff.

A Master’s degree prepares you to continue on in your education. Doctoral degree programs are also offered by universities in Canada. Those who achieve this top level can educate less experienced colleagues. They also conduct original research projects in the field of the performing arts.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts?

Your degree allows you to move past the entry level jobs in the theater industry. You can provide leadership for other creative professionals. With the right experience and drive, you will also be able to direct and lead major production projects.

There are many advanced career options available to you:

  • Play Writer: Draft new scripts or alter existing material.
  • Director: Coordinate all creative efforts for a presentation.
  • Theater Performer: Dance, sing, or act in a play or musical.
  • Performing Arts Critic: Evaluate the work of other professionals and make recommendations.
  • Drama Therapist: Lead role-play sessions to help your clients work through emotional difficulties.
  • Arts Director: Organize activities for community theaters, school districts, or museums.
  • Broadcast Presenter: Communicate information for a television audience.

A master’s degree also qualifies you to teach performing arts. Find work as a private tutor or as a drama instructor for public school or community college. Production companies also hire instructors to work with staff talent. Some educators must obtain a teaching credential as well.

Universities in Canada offer several unique programs. Look through the options available to you, and consider the degree that matches your personal and professional goals.