Master's in Fine Arts in the US

Master’s in Fine Arts in the US

The Master’s in Fine Arts is a high level degree that you can earn to study one of many different art forms. If you are interested in earning a master’s degree in this field, it is important that you decide how you plan to specialise. It is possible to get a Master’s in Fine Arts in filmmaking, dance, photography, creative writing, performing arts, graphic design, and more. The US is one of the best options for international art students that are seeking an excellent education.

What is a Master’s in Fine Arts?

While the specific time requirement varies from university to university, getting a Master’s in Fine Arts typically requires between two and three years of study. A bachelor degree is required before enrolling, but many universities do not require the undergraduate degree to be in the same field. Instead, the most important aspect of applying is usually the portfolio or sample of completed works. The Master’s in Fine Arts programs focus primarily on performance or creation of art, while the Master of Arts programs teach the theory behind the art. Additionally, the US considers the master’s degree in the fine arts field to be the highest level of academic career. The musical performance field is an exception in that a Doctor of Musical Arts is also possible. If you are interested in musical performance, earning a Master’s in Fine Arts will allow you to pursue this extra level of academic achievement. Typically, programs in the fine arts area involve:

  • Workshops developing performance and art creation.
  • Practice courses and seminars.
  • Courses specific to the art form chosen by each student.
  • Secondary theoretical studies.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Fine Arts in the US?

Earning a Master’s in Fine Arts is the primary path that international students interested in actually performing, or creating art take. If you are less interested in the theory behind the art, the master’s degree in fine arts is likely the most appealing direction you can take. This is a prestigious accomplishment, so your career will benefit from completing this level of education. Other benefits include:

  • Opportunity for international study.
  • Options for specialisation in a specific art form.
  • Many career options.
  • Increased potential salary with the master’s level of education.
  • Many competitive art universities to choose from, including the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and USC School of Cinematic Arts and Academy of Art University in California.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Fine Arts?

The first step toward creating a career for yourself in the arts is to find a program that focuses on the specific art form you have chosen to pursue. Many programs allow you to study aspects of multiple types of art, which allows you to be more versatile in your career. The entertainment industry has always consistently grown, meaning the opportunity for artists is greater than ever before.

The types of art that you can achieve a Master’s in Fine Arts in the US include:

  • Creative writing.
  • Graphic design.
  • Photography.
  • Filmmaking.
  • Dance.
  • Theatre.
  • Musical performance.

One of the most prominent and prosperous emphases is filmmaking. In actuality, the filmmaking discipline includes many types of artists, including cinematographers, directors, writers, gaffers, lighting directors, costume managers, art directors, editors, sound designers, and others. As one of the largest industries, filmmaking is an excellent opportunity for international artists that are interested in a career with plentiful work opportunities.

Some art forms involve more corporate professional options. If you choose to pursue graphic design, it is possible to find work in nearly any form. You can go into freelance, working on your own. Alternatively, it is possible to join a small studio. Finally, some major companies also have a marketing department with dedicated graphic designers. This is also true of some kinds of writers or visual artists.

Similarly, there are many outlets for those in the performing arts category, such as theatre artists or musicians. Work is available with existing groups of all sizes, as well as opportunity for independent work.

No matter what kind of artist you are, consider getting a Master’s in Fine Arts in the US. Begin your education by searching for the program that fits your needs and will kick start your career.