Top Master’s in English Literature Schools

Master’s in English Literature in the UK 

A Master’s in English Literature degree is a focused postgraduate course of study in written language from the British Isles and beyond. Students who have a love of reading and research may find satisfaction from a degree program in this topic. This degree may prepare you for a career in teaching, research or literary criticism. You can be a candidate for a program if you have a Bachelor’s degree in some other subject.

What Is a Master’s in English Literature?

In order to earn a Master’s in English Literature, you must spend a great deal of time reading and interpreting the written word. You may read a variety of texts, including poetry, novels, short stories, nonfiction and plays. English literature also deals with the history of these types of texts, from the beginnings of the English language to the present day. There may also be a focus on individual regions and their literature examples, such as American, British, Irish, Australian or Scottish literature. As you complete this program, you become equipped to teach about literature or perform jobs that require critical reading skills. Schools in the UK that offer Master’s in English Literature programs include Kingston University, University of Nottingham, University of Oxford and the University of Edinburgh.

The typical Master’s in English Literature program lasts from one to two years in the UK. Along with extensive reading, critiquing and writing, you may also be asked to prepare a thesis along with original research into a text or author. Since reading and writing are universal skills, many programs do not require a Bachelor’s degree in English for admission. A variety of other undergraduate degrees in the humanities or sciences may make you eligible for postgraduate English literature study. While the program offerings among different schools vary, here are some courses that may be offered:

  • Literary Theory and Criticism: Major literary theories may be discussed, and techniques for critiquing literary works are taught.
  • Author Study: Students may elect to focus their studies on a specific author in English literature, such as Shakespeare, Chaucer, Twain or Dickens.
  • Historical Time Period: Students usually analyse the literature of a time period in history, including medieval, renaissance, Victorian or modern.
  • Genre Study: Literature covering specific forms or genres may be thoroughly studied and critiqued. Some possible literature topics that may be covered include African-American, science fiction, memoir or immigrant fiction.
  • Thesis Requirement: English literature programs may have a mandatory thesis research paper required before program completion.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in English Literature in the UK?

A degree in English is one of the most flexible degrees around. This type of degree can give a person top skills in critical reading, analysis, writing and thinking. Those skills are highly transferable to many different industries and jobs. Getting a Master’s in English Literature may additionally give you a way to earn more money in your career or secure a better job. You may also use your new skills in applying for a doctorate program if desired.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in English Literature?

Common careers with a Master’s in English Literature often involve some form of written communication. Jobs in creative fields, marketing, publishing or education may be more easily secured with this type of degree. This type of degree is ideal for many other jobs in public service or the private sector as well.

If you want to use your literary skills in your line of work directly, one popular job type could be in the publishing industry as a book reviewer. Publishing also gives graduates opportunity as editors or in new author recruitment. Jobs involving writing may also be a great path for those with a Master’s in English Literature. Former students may find work as reporters, writers or bloggers in various forms of media. Writing in the advertising industry may also recruit English literature majors for copywriting or campaign management. This degree is another way to get into teaching English. You could expect to work with young adolescents in the secondary level with a Master’s in English Literature degree. If you want to use your English literature knowledge indirectly, you may find work in private business working in sales, grant writing, management or other aspects of commerce.

Getting your Master’s in English Literature may be the right path for your future happiness. Look for the best programs in the UK to help you get started.