Master’s in Design in the UK

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The master’s level of education is the next step after earning a bachelor’s degree. If you decide to continue your education, you will enjoy many benefits and a jump start to your career. The UK is an especially appealing location to study design. If you are interested in any kind of career in design, getting your Master’s in Design is very wise. Learn more about how you can benefit from earning a master’s degree in the field of design in the UK.

What is a Master’s in Design in the UK?

In actuality, the field of study focused on design is one of the broadest. It is possible to get a Master’s of Science, Fine Arts, Arts, Architecture, Computer Science, or even Business in Design. The applications of one of these degrees are even more diverse. Due to how vast the field of design is, it is absolutely imperative that you specialise your educational focus while studying. Think about what you want your career to be and speak with a counselor to determine how to create a study plan to get you there. Before enrolling, however, you must have completed an undergraduate program. While you can earn a Bachelor’s in Design, the broad nature of this field means there are many areas you could have studied and still enroll in a Master’s in Design program. Relevant bachelor’s programs typically take three or four years, while the master’s program requires two years on average. Programs can incorporate any of the following:

  • Lecture or seminar-based courses.
  • Exploratory coursework.
  • Hands-on experience or workshops.
  • Performance or display requirements.
  • Thorough examination.
  • Final thesis projects.

Additionally, it may be wise to pursue a more advanced degree after graduating with your Master’s in Design. Holding a master’s degree does qualify you to enroll in a doctor or other advanced program, but your career plans will determine whether this is necessary.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Design in the UK?

Earning a master’s degree grants students many benefits once they decide to enter their career. Regardless of what your chosen field is, it will be easier to get hired with a master’s degree. Additionally, your potential salary will usually be higher. If you decide to explore the engineering side of design, you will likely be interested in learning about how registering with the Engineering Council will benefit you. Other benefits include:

  • Increased career options.
  • Excellent international studying opportunity.
  • Choose from multiple top UK design schools, such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and Imperial College London.

Having a master’s degree frequently allows graduates to enter positions that would normally be reserved for those who have put several years into working. Instead of attaining an entry level position and working your way up, you can jump ahead and start with a more advanced and higher paying career.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Design in the UK?

Because design is such a foundational discipline, it can be used in visual media, software, buildings, construction, product manufacturing or design, aerospace, and others. This means the career options are nearly limitless. Perhaps the most straightforward application of a design degree is in an artistic, visual media sense. In this area, you may become a graphic designer, painter, or some other kind of media creator. If this is your interest, it may be beneficial to take some artistic classes alongside design.

Alternatively, you could enter the field of engineering, where you will be responsible for designing machines, products, or even airplanes. Architects are another kind of engineer that utilises the principles of design. The number of ways to apply a Master’s in Design is incredibly varied in the field of engineering alone.

If you choose to pursue computer science instead, you can use design principles to create applications, websites, programs, and computer systems for business. Alternatively, you can maintain and test these systems that are created by others.
Finally, there are also some opportunities for design graduates in the field of business. This may take the form of adding a design element to products, designing the process or machines that create products, or consulting different business on design.

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