Top Master’s in Dance Schools in Canada

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Master’s in Dance in Canada

A Master’s in Dance degree is a course of study that awards a postgraduate credential to students interested in the performing arts. There are a variety of schools throughout Canada that have a dance department and a Master’s degree program. Students who want to take their love of performance and dance to the next level may look to this program. Generally, graduate dance students have a Bachelor’s degree and a strong background in dance before enrolling in a Master’s program.

What Is a Master’s in Dance?

Students who have a large amount of interest in dance may want to pursue a Master’s in Dance degree. Unlike other types of degrees, this degree requires physical movement. Those who are interested in pursuing advanced study in dance usually have an extensive background participating in many different styles of dance. Once part of the program, students may continue working on their dancing and performing skills. In addition to working in the studio on various types of dance, students must also generally study about dance in the classroom. Canadian schools that provide graduate degrees in dance include York University, Simon Fraser University and Concordia University.

Students typically are able to finish with full-time work in about two years. They may explore all types of dance, such as ballet, modern, tap, jazz and historical dances. Some students design a study plan that includes training to teach dance. Common courses in a Master’s in Dance program are:

  • Elements of Choreography: Techniques of developing choreography are introduced, and students may design their own dance routines for performance.
  • Dance Technique: Students work in the studio on a specific genre of dance, such as modern, lyrical, ballet or others.
  • History of Dance: Students get instruction about the different periods of dance history and social context with each style.  
  • Dance Performance: Students work as either a dance soloist or as part of an ensemble to produce a professional quality production in dance.
  • Internship or Research: Depending on your career goals, you may either produce a research paper or be placed in an internship experience related to dance.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Dance in Canada?

If you love dance, one of the benefits of a Master’s in Dance is that it allows you to pursue your passion. You can also further develop your dance technique in whichever genre of dance you want to focus on. Being part of a graduate dance program also gives students performance opportunities, which can be exciting and fun. Career opportunities tend to be much better for students with graduate degrees, so you may be able to secure a job easily after graduation. You could also achieve a higher salary level than someone else in the field without a graduate degree.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Dance?

The Master’s in Dance degree prepares students for some sort of career within the field of performance and dance. It is also great preparation for jobs in the entertainment or tourism industry. Education may be another perfect fit for those who have this degree. Some students may decide to seek employment in a field that is not related to dance as well.

Your job title after graduating with a Master’s in Dance degree may have to do with dance. With your new expertise and increase in skills, you could land a job as a professional dancer within a ballet company, modern dance company or any other performing group. Some graduates are able to find work in the theatre as actors with their dancing talent and skills. If you want access to even more performance opportunities, you may elect to relocate to places where theatre, movies and television are produced, such as Hollywood, London’s West End or New York’s Broadway. Working behind the scenes is possible as well as a choreographer or dance company director. There are some job opportunities within amusement parks, resorts or cruise ships as well in performance or management. In addition, you may decide to go into teaching as a dance educator. Some teachers eventually open their own dance studios that allow them to spread their love of dance to young people.

A Master’s in Dance degree helps prepare you for a career in performance or education. Get more information about the schools in Canada that offer programs leading to this advanced degree.