Best Master’s in Dance in the UK

Master’s in Dance in the UK

The master’s level of education focuses on continuing your education while establishing a complete knowledge of a chosen field. It is a postgraduate degree, meaning a bachelor program must have already been completed. However, there are many benefits to studying a little longer and earning a higher level degree. The UK is a very appealing country to study the arts in, especially dance. If you are interested in enrolling in a Master’s in Dance program in the UK, be sure to research the available fine art universities and several different programs. This short guide will help you get started.

What is a Master’s in Dance in the UK?

In the field of fine arts, the bachelor degree usually takes three or four years to complete while the master takes one or two years. The Master’s of Fine Arts in Dance is the most common choice for artists. It focuses on the practice of dance, rather than the study of the theory. This makes it appealing to those that are interested in performing. If you are interested in the theoretical side, you will likely want to pursue a Master of Arts, instead of a Master of Fine Arts. The Master of Arts is usually earned by those pursuing careers as critics or educators. Dance programs usually incorporate:

  • Dance performance courses.
  • Improvement oriented classes.
  • Optional courses exploring alternative art forms.
  • Required performances.
  • Minor theory lectures.
  • Dance history.
  • Stagecraft, including lighting, and dance music.

Additionally, the Master’s in Dance can sometimes be used to continue your education with a more advanced degree. Typically, however, the master’s degree is considered the terminal degree, especially with the performance-based art forms.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Dance in the UK?

Students in master’s programs related to dance benefit from earning the highest possible education possible in the field. After graduating, you will be as qualified as possible to enter your career. It is much easier to get started when holding a master’s degree, as compared to a bachelor degree. Additionally, the possible salary that can be earned is usually higher when holding a higher level degree. When working with just an undergraduate degree, you will usually have to begin as a dancer and work your way up. Earning a Master’s degree, however, may let you immediately jump to more advanced positions. Other benefits include:

  • Increased specialisation.
  • Excellent international study abroad opportunities.
  • Able to choose from top UK dance schools, such as Coventry University, Falmouth University, Buckinghamshire New University, and Royal Holloway University of London.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Dance in the UK?

If you are earning a Master’s in Dance, you have likely already specialised to the art form that you are most interested in. This means you likely already know exactly how you want to apply your degree. With a degree as specific to one art form as this one, there are fewer possible career choices, but you do still have a few options. As you would imagine, the most common choice is to be a dancer. As a performer, however, there are a few different levels you can work in. It is possible to work with different studios, in theatre or on the screen, or even in freelance.

Another option is to become a choreographer. This is one such position that is much easier to attain with a master’s degree. Choreographers are responsible for managing many other dancers to ensure the routine is completed correctly and all dancers are properly qualified. Choreographers are occasionally credited as directors and may incorporate other responsibilities.

Thirdly, it is possible to work as an instructor or educator with a master’s degree in dance. While educators primarily teach in formal educational settings, instructors work in smaller studios and teach fewer students more directly. If you want to be an educator, you will likely earn a Master of Arts, while instructors can earn a Master of Fine Arts.
Finally, it may be highly beneficial to incorporate one or two other art forms to increase your career options. Studying dance synergises with theater, acting, or filmmaking art especially well. Having experience in these fields as well makes you more appealing to employers and increases the experience you can bring to each position.

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