Master’s in Drama

Master’s in Drama

A Master’s in Drama is a liberal arts degree awarded at the graduate level with emphases on theater, playwriting and acting. It is ideal for any student who is interested both in the history and future of drama. No matter what role you aim to play on the stage, this degree can hone your abilities and provide you with the knowledge needed to improve your craft. Schools throughout the world, including the UK and US, offer this program to students. You can select a program with the specialization that interests you and delve into the world of drama.

What is a Master’s in Drama?

A Master’s in Drama is an advanced course of study in theater and related subjects. It is particularly attractive to students who are interested in multiple roles, such as acting, directing and playwriting. Approaching drama holistically through such a degree can afford students the chance to develop all of their interests equally. Some of the classes that might be included in the curriculum include:

  • Shaping Performance in Context.
  • Space, Performer and Audience.
  • Practicing Drama Professionally.
  • Theory of Playwriting.
  • Writing and Performing Effectively.

Students who select more focused specializations, such as directing, will have a curriculum that reflects that specialization.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Master’s in Drama?

A Master’s in Drama can provide students with a range of benefits on and off the stage. Advanced study in the field expands students’ knowledge. Studio classes do the same and offer the opportunity to put theory to practice through performance. These are just a few of many benefits students of drama typically enjoy. Some of the other benefits you might encounter in the program include these:

  • Ability to collaborate with other actors, playwrights and drama professionals.
  • Students can take classes with some of the leading professionals in the field of theater.
  • A Master’s in Drama may qualify students for jobs that are higher-paying and more challenging than would otherwise be available.
  • Specialization options allow students to pursue the coursework that most interests them.

There are plenty of other benefits a Master’s in Drama can have on your theater career. Steering your coursework and study in the area of your interest can help you maximize these benefits.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Drama?

A Master’s in Drama is a promising degree that offers a range of opportunities to graduates. You may use it to pursue a range of different career options, including actor, director or playwright. The latter of these is one of the most common positions sought after graduation.

If you find a position in playwriting, you can expect the following tasks as part of your job:

  • Collaborate with director to develop script.
  • Develop characters and setting that work on stage.
  • Write dialogue for characters in the play.
  • Create original work and rewrite existing works.

Playwright positions are typically found at theaters or in educational institutes.

If you are ready to get your career in drama off the ground, a Master’s in Drama might be the ideal degree for you. Research universities to find the program that appeals to you.