Master’s in Design

Master’s in Design

A Master’s in Design is a program tailored to students with interest of working in design. Because the degree is general in nature, it typically offers students focused tracks to pursue design in fields such as fashion, industry or communication. If you have dreamt of being an inventor and spent your life creating new things, this degree may be the right choice for continuing your education. Universities throughout the UK, US and the rest of the world have programs with this degree as well as a range of specializations to select from.

What is a Master’s in Design?

A Master’s in Design builds on undergraduate study of the field and invites students to study more rigorous, specialized aspects of the field. It also gives students the chance to test their own designs in a context that offers feedback and development. Some potential courses that you might encounter in the program include:

  • Theory of Function and Design.
  • Visual Studies in Color and Form.
  • Visualization of Design.
  • Collaborative Research and Design.
  • Perception and Thinking.

Students can further hone their knowledge through these courses and prepare for careers in the field. Each student’s individual curriculum will be determined by what specialization, if any, they select.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Master’s in Design?

A Master’s in Design can provide students with a number of benefits. The field of design itself is an expressive and creative pursuit. Advanced study improves students’ ability to work and develop in their specialization. The advanced training in theory and collaboration are particularly helpful to graduates entering the field. A few of the other benefits you might expect to gain from the program include:

  • An accredited Master’s degree may qualify you for management positions and other jobs with higher salaries.
  • Studio classes develop students’ abilities to take ideas and bring them to life.
  • The program may include internships that allow students to gain work experience in the field of design.
  • Students who wish to move on to studies at the doctorate level may do so with a Master’s in Design.
  • Specialized tracks of study can give students the ability to hone their area of design expertise.

The unique benefits you earn from the program will depend on the direction you take. You can also maximize its impact by carefully researching and choosing the school that best fits your goals.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Design?

A Master’s in Design is a great start to a career in the field of design. Because the degree itself is a general program, job opportunities typically depend on what area of specialization a student has chosen. Students with emphases on fashion, for example, may pursue work as a fashion design. Others who focused on communications may pursue positions such as visual communications designer.

As a visual communications designer, your job may entail the following:

  • Design user interfaces that are easy to use and functional.
  • Strategize integration of technology and design.
  • Prioritize functionality of communications and effectiveness of design.

There are many schools with this program available for you to enroll in. Do your research and find the right one today.