Top Master’s Degree in Art History

Master’s in Art History 

The Master’s in Art History degree combines the study of the aesthetics of art with the understanding of history. Art history students examine the finer details of various forms of art in order to connect them to a historical time period. Master degree programs in Art History attempt to equip students to be able to find work in museum or gallery settings. These programs also help students fine tune their appreciation for the world of art. To be eligible for admittance into a Master’s in Art History degree program, it is usually mandatory to have some other type of university degree.

What Is a Master’s in Art History?

The Master’s in Art History degree is a close examination of the field of art and the historical time period of various pieces. Students learning about art history spend an equal amount of time analysing the features of different types of art and developing an understanding of important periods in world history. Students may be exposed to various mediums, including sculpture, painting, drawing, clothing and photography. They may also further focus on a specific time period in art history, such as the Renaissance, Medieval, Antiquity or Modern. Most programs in art history take about one to three years to complete. Schools that offer a Master’s in Art History degree include Columbia University, The University of York, the University of Sydney, Rhodes University and Georgetown University. Some programs may even offer field study programs, taking students to the top art museums in the world. Specific topics you may study within your degree program include:

  • Greek and Roman Art.
  • East Asian Art.
  • Native American Art.
  • Sculpture and Ceramics.
  • Fashion History.
  • Medieval Architecture.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Art History?

Earning a Master’s in Art History allows you to get the credentials required for the interesting field of museum curation. You also gain important marketable skills such as analytical and critical thinking that are transferable to almost any field. Art history scholars additionally develop a fine attention to detail when it comes to artistic pieces, which allows them to analyse various pieces and identify their historical time periods. Students can look forward to earning more money with an advanced degree in this field.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Art History?

Most graduates from a Master’s in Art History program intend to work in a museum or art gallery. Within these settings, you may be qualified to be hired as a museum curator. This is a position that puts you in charge of various exhibits or parts of a museum. You may also find work specifically as an art historian. As an art historian, you may specialise in a specific type of art or time period and work with a historical society or public office. Some art history students go on to become secondary or primary educators in art. Other students choose to further their expertise in the field with doctorate study and may go on to become university professors.

Master degree programs in Art History may allow you to pursue your appreciation for the visual arts. You can find out more about possible programs and decide if this path is right for you.