Master’s in Engineering in UAE

Master’s in Engineering in UAE

Engineering is a broad and widely applicable area of emphasis that contains many different focuses. If international students are interested in earning a Master’s in Engineering in UAE, they have chosen an excellent location to study. The UAE incorporate several elements in their education system to make it especially appealing to a worldwide student base. Many curricula are taught in English, with Arabic language courses built right into the program. Of course, students that are native to UAE also have opportunities to enroll. International students can take the opportunity to begin studying for an engineering master’s degree in UAE.

What is a Master’s in Engineering?

A master’s degree in engineering is one of the highest levels of academic achievement possible. A Master’s in Engineering program in UAE requires prior completion of an undergraduate degree program. This master’s degree usually takes between one and two years to earn. Many schools of engineering offer several programs that are unique to each subdivision within the discipline of engineering. For instance, the School of Engineering at Abu Dhabi University offers six different master’s programs, including Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Master of Science in Civil Engineering, and Master of Science in Sustainable Architecture. Because engineering is such a broad focus, it is imperative that students take the time to specialise and hone their education to pursue the specific career they are interested in. Master’s programs in engineering typically incorporate these elements into the program:

  • Seminars on both engineering theory and practice
  • Thesis or research projects
  • Applicable hands-on workshops
  • Courses specific to each student’s focus

As earning a Master’s in Engineering requires several years studying in a bachelor program, most students have already decided which area of engineering they would like to pursue.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Engineering in UAE?

The skills gained in a Master’s of Engineering program are hugely versatile and applicable in many fields. Students benefit from being able to apply their skills in several different engineering fields after graduation. This is especially true when studying as an engineer because of the many career options that are available. Additionally, the level of income that you can attain is much higher if you hold a master’s degree. This level of academic achievement opens the door to more advanced careers and lets graduates jump ahead in their profession. Finally, choosing to study in UAE allows students to choose from many of the most competitive engineering programs in the world, including those at:

  • Rochester Institute of Technology Dubai
  • Heriott-Watt University Dubai
  • S P Jain School of Global Management
  • New York University in Abu Dhabi

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Engineering?

The worldwide demand for engineers is quite high. With so many ways to put your master’s degree into practice, it is easier to begin a career in this field. If you pursue and earn an academic degree, you will be prepared to work in either education or research. More commonly, however, students will earn a professional degree to prepare to apply their education in a practical career. This category includes all types of engineers, such as:

  • Software engineer
  • Engineering physicist
  • Industrial or construction engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Engineer manager
  • Electrical engineer

The most common types of engineer are in software and manufacturing. These two areas are very different, however. Software engineers apply computer science knowledge to develop or maintain a computer system. They also frequently are responsible for testing, evaluation, and guaranteeing that the software works as it is supposed to.

Manufacturing engineers, on the other hand, are tasked with developing the most efficient process to turn raw materials into a finished product. While this profession may be starkly different, it still requires design, development, research, and evaluation skills to be successful.

Another common application of the engineering master’s degree is in civil engineering. Instead of dealing with a product, these professionals work with the development of communities. City planners and other civil engineers consult and plan the best way to grow an environment while following zoning laws and city policies.
If you are interested in any area of engineering, be sure to begin your education by searching for the Master’s in Engineering program in UAE that will help you get started.