Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering

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If you are interested in being part of the manufacturing industry, a Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering may be a good choice. This degree program prepares students with valuable knowledge and expertise for this line of work. Graduates are often primed to secure leadership roles in the field. The specific technological understanding that this degree gives students allows for an exciting and rewarding career. In order to be successful in this type of Master’s program, it is essential to have an undergraduate degree in a related field of engineering or science.

What Is a Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering?

Manufacturing engineering looks at the process of industrialised manufacturing. Students in this field examine the design of manufacturing systems in order to develop knowledge of the industry. Additionally, manufacturing processes are taken apart and analysed as well in order to look for common trends or make suggestions for improvement. Manufacturing engineering is also concerned with the tools of the trade. A program in manufacturing engineering may examine the mechanical tools and machinery available in the industry as well as the technological tools that are standard for this field. The main goal for effective manufacturing engineering systems is to produce products in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Some schools offer specific areas of study within their manufacturing engineering program to develop further specialised expertise. This may give students an advantage in the hiring process. Some top Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering degree programs in the US are Boston University, the University of Southern California, the University of Michigan and the University of California, Los Angeles.

A Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering program is usually located within a school’s engineering department. This allows for cross-curricular opportunities within other engineering fields. Students usually finish this type of degree in about two years or more. Some schools are able to let students work online towards their degree. Some course subjects that you may encounter in a Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering degree include:

  • Manufacturing Design: Students learn about and plan for various types of manufacturing systems in order to ensure quality in production.
  • Industrial Safety: Students review best practises when it comes to following manufacturing and machinery safety standards for the industry.
  • Structural Analysis: Elements of structural design and material analysis are incorporated into sound manufacturing engineering.
  • Electronic Mechanical Systems: Students learn about computer-aided design tools in relation to designing mechanical systems for manufacturing.
  • Robotics: The use of automated systems or robotics is examined though the study of theory and current systems in use.
  • Design Project: In order to be awarded a degree, you may have to complete an independent final project that demonstrates your expertise in the subject.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering in the United States?

People who spend the time getting their Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering get prepared to be part of an industry that is rapidly expanding. Jobs in manufacturing engineering are available to those who have this specialised knowledge, so you may find yourself in high demand. This type of program also helps you get a role as a leader in the industry. Because of the level of technical knowledge required for this field, you can also earn a competitive salary.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering?

In most cases, graduates with a Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering degree are able to work in a position that supervises some step of the manufacturing process. The most common type of work is as a manufacturing engineer. This position is a certified engineer in many countries and works in industrial technology and production design of manufacturing systems. Another job title that matches this degree’s focus is an industrial engineer. An industrial engineer works to streamline manufacturing processes and improve the quality of production. They work with the design of the manufacturing system and with quality assurance managers to reach company goals. Beyond the hands-on manufacturing design and machinery work, graduates may also find work as leaders within a manufacturing company. Some graduates may also work as a consultant to smaller organisations in order to help improve product manufacturing. In addition, there are also jobs working as managers, engineering technicians or in product sales related to manufacturing engineering.

If you want a direct path to a top career that is set to grow in the next few years, try getting your Master’s in Manufacturing Engineering. There are numerous programs available in the US that can help you find out more.