Master’s in Construction Management in the US

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The Master’s level of education is designed to kick your career off by giving you the skills and qualifications to succeed. After earning an undergraduate degree, you can choose to continue studying to earn a master’s degree. Doing so will open up many career opportunities that would not be otherwise possible. Additionally, earning a Master’s in Construction Management provides you with a thorough understanding of the field. If you are interested in studying construction management, consider the US for your international studies.

What is a Master’s in Construction Management in the US?

When studying construction management, you have two primary options. You can either earn a Master’s of Science in Construction Management or a Master’s of Engineering in Construction Management. With either choice, you must first complete a bachelor’s program in a field related to engineering. Earning a bachelor’s degree usually takes four years. As for the master’s degree, it can take between two and four years, although a Master’s of Engineering typically only requires two years of study.

The main difference between a Master’s in Science and Engineering is the type of study. In the science field, there is a greater focus on independent research and a thesis project is required. If earning a Master’s of Engineering, the study will be much more traditional, through lecture-based courses and seminars. In the latter kind of program, additional courses may be required as well, such as business fundamentals or leadership. With either option, you should expect the program to incorporate:

  • Combination of theory and practical courses
  • Extensive examination
  • Exploratory courses

If you are interested in studying construction management, you have already specialised quite a bit. Still, there are many ways to apply a Master’s in Construction Management, meaning it is wise to think about how you can specialise further. Different courses can be taken to ensure your studies benefit your eventual career as much as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Construction Management in the US?

The biggest benefit that students choosing to study construction management in the US enjoy is a boost to their career. Holding a master’s degree allows graduates to enter advanced positions directly, rather than starting lower and moving up into them. This saves time and effort and provides a more streamlined career path. In addition to added career options, the salary that can be earned is much higher when you have a master’s degree.

Earning a Master’s of Engineering also qualifies students to enroll in a doctoral program. For the engineering field, a master’s degree is often considered the terminal degree, but it is possible to continue studying further. Other benefits include:

  • Excellent international study opportunity
  • Increased specialisation
  • Choose from top US engineering schools, such as the Columbia University, New York University, or Washington University

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Construction Management in the US?

There are a few primary career choices that are possible with a Master’s in Construction Management. As you would expect, the most common is construction manager. This position is a high level leadership position in the construction field. As one of the highest positions available, it is very rare for someone that does not hold a master’s degree to become a construction manager. These professionals are tasked with interpreting the clients’ desires, developing a plan to make them a reality, and leading a construction crew to begin building. It is a leadership position, which means the success of the entire construction hinges on the construction manager’s ability to do their job properly and manage many people. In addition to being a construction manager, there are a few other positions available, such as project engineer or coordinator, design manager, or quantity surveyor. The responsibilities for any of these professionals vary and may overlap with one another. It is important to have a broad understanding of different responsibilities so you will always be prepared.

There are seven types of construction that it is possible to work in. While the responsibilities of the construction manager remain mostly the same among different kinds of construction, their technical knowledge will be different. The primary difference between each of these categories is the training that the construction manager has, so keep these in mind while specialising in school.

  • Residential
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Environmental
  • Heavy civil