Master’s in Construction Management in Canada

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The Canadian education system is highly regarded around the world. In fact, Canada is considered one of the most educated societies in the world. Students who choose to pursue education in this country have the choice of selecting a programme from the variety of possible options amongst the different provinces. Not only that, but considering the prestige of Canada’s education system, students can rest assured that their credentials will be valid wherever they go.

The academic aspect is not Canada’s only claim to fame. With the diversity of the provinces, there is always something new to do and explore. Within each sector students can explore the cultural diversities, food, art and entertainment. Considering these things and the academic aspects, it is clear to see how students who study here have a truly unique experience.

What is a Master’s in Construction Management?

A Master’s in Construction Management focuses on the proper procedures and technologies needed to effective plan, coordinate and oversee various types of construction projects. Commercial, residential and industrial building are some of the main areas focused on. Throughout the course of the programme students focus on various management aspects, such as budget and personnel management, materials and waste disposal. Upon completion of the programme graduates are prepared to effectively manage all aspects of a construction project to ensure it is completed efficiently. There are some institutions that offer concentrations, and some of the most common ones include:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Construction Project Management
  • Sustainability and Green Construction

Certain programmes may include internships that allow students to apply knowledge before graduation. Others may simulate real life situations to give students some practical application practice.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Construction Management?

There are a few different benefits of getting a Master’s in Construction Management. The biggest benefit is entering into a smaller job pool. There are certain jobs that require a Master’s level education, and consider that most individuals do not currently seek graduate level education, that helps to narrow down the viable candidates. Seeing as these positions require such specialized skills, they often do garner higher pay. Along with these job-specific benefits, there are a few notable advantages to having a Master’s in any field.

  • Future advancement. A Master’s degree may be mandatory for advancement in a couple different ways. For those desiring to continue their education pursuits with Doctoral studies, a Master’s degree is most likely necessary. Also, those seeking to obtain certain positions or ascend the corporate ladder within their company may need a Master’s education to qualify.
  • Class size. Master’s level programmes tend to have smaller class sizes than Bachelor’s classes. This aspect allows students to get more direct attention from professors, which can aid them in understanding the material better and being able to apply it properly.
  • Personal achievement. It takes a great deal of perseverance, discipline, commitment and time to complete a Master’s. Therefore, it is understandable why individuals who earn the degree may feel a great level of personal achievement. This could help them in the future with obtaining other goals.

There are other benefits that individuals may experience due to the particular jobs they fulfill or the companies they choose to work for.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Construction Management?

With this degree there are a number of different career paths that individuals may take. Graduates tend to work within the construction realm in a number of different positions. Some of the more common choices are:

  • Project Manager
  • Coordinator
  • Estimator
  • Supplier
  • Regulator
  • Business Development Manager
  • And more

There are also those who work from behind the scenes, such as stakeholders. A Master’s in Construction Management can help to put individuals on the path for upper management. In fact, depending upon the individual’s previous experience it could lead directly to such a position. However, individuals with limited experience may start at lower- to mid- management, but can rise quickly with the right guidance and work ethic. Along with the traditional method, there are other avenues that individuals may take. This programme prepares individuals to work at a management capacity, which can be applied in other industries. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit might even own and operate a firm.

If you are interested in a career in management and construction, consider pursing a Master’s in Construction Management in Canada. With the combination of the education and cultural benefits, you are sure to have an impactful experience.