Master’s in Aerospace Engineering

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The world of aircraft design and spacecraft technology can be discovered with a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering degree. Individuals who have an interest in how planes and space flight work may find this type of program interesting. Master degree programs in Aerospace Engineering prepare students to work on perfecting and developing technology for flight. They also provide students with the knowledge and skills to help make advances for the future of this exciting field. In order to be admitted to a program in this field, you must typically have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or another related topic.

What Is a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering?

The Master’s in Aerospace Engineering degree is aimed to help further the knowledge of professionals already in the field of aeronautics. It is also a way for those in other engineering fields to be able to make a career transition into working with aeroplanes and spacecraft. In most cases, students must also have a solid background and understanding of engineering, science, physics and mathematics to be successful in this program. Within a program, participants may further focus their studies on a field within aerospace. This specialisation can help prepare them for a specific job title within aeronautics. Some of the most popular programs offering postgraduate degrees in aerospace engineering are The University of Washington, Queen’s University at Belfast, The University of Southern California, The University of Manchester and Cornell University. Within your program, you may learn about the following topics:

  • Structural Mechanics
  • Flight Control Systems
  • Spacecraft Dynamics
  • Propulsion and Aerodynamics
  • Astrodynamics
  • Engineering Optimisation

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering?

Students who achieve success in a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering degree program can look forward to finding exciting and fulfilling work. The important knowledge gained from this type of program gives students solid experience in critical and analytical thinking. The skills gained from this type of program are unique and in high demand. Job prospects may continue to expand as technology and demand require more from the aerospace field. This type of field offers very high salaries for those with the top credentials, such as a Master’s degree.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering?

In general, students with a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering degree typically find work in aeronautics. They may work in a variety of settings with the expertise gained from their program, such as space agencies, airline corporations, aeroplane manufacturers, helicopter manufacturers or within the public sector or military. The most popular job title for this degree is an aerospace engineer. Aerospace engineers may help design planes or other aircraft within the military or private business. Other aerospace engineers may specifically focus on designing spacecraft. Recently, more private companies have been working with national space agencies or on their own to develop spacecraft for various uses. Beyond aeronautics, there are also job prospects in other forms of engineering, such as mechanical, manufacturing or structural.

Master degree programs in Aerospace Engineering are great ways to further your aeronautics skills and knowledge. Find out how to get started in obtaining more expertise in this field.