Top Master’s in Aerospace Engineering in the UK

Master’s in Aerospace Engineering in the UK

The Master’s level of education is designed to be a postgraduate degree earned after finishing a bachelor program. Earning this degree serves as a jump start to your career, allowing you to enter positions directly that would be otherwise inaccessible. Additionally, further education can be attained after graduating from a master’s program. The field of aerospace engineering is one of the most advanced in the broad category of engineering. Even though it is a specific area of engineering, there are still many ways to specialise while studying and even more ways to apply your degree. The UK is one of the most beneficial countries to study engineering, so it is an excellent choice for international students.

What is a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering in the UK?

The Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering program takes four years to complete in the UK. In order to enroll, however, a related bachelor program must have been completed. This also usually takes four years. Some universities in the UK include a fifth year of study in the master’s program which focuses on industry work and hands-on experience. While the field of engineering can relate to anything from technology to architecture, the focus of aerospace usually only deals with flight and space crafts. While it is possible to enter many different fields of engineering with an aerospace degree, it is recommended to only enroll if interested in aerospace applications. Programs involve:

  • Educational lectures
  • Interactive workshops
  • Extensive examinations
  • Final thesis project

Do not forget that it is still possible to specialise, even just within the subcategory of aerospace engineer. While you are studying, it will be greatly beneficial to find ways to focus on the career that you intend to pursue upon graduation. Before enrolling, you should research different potential career options and find your focus.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering in the UK?

The UK is a unique country to study engineering because it offers the option of becoming a Chartered Engineer. The Engineering Council registers interested engineers and offers them many benefits. Becoming a Chartered Engineer is quite an accomplishment and significantly helps with entering a career. Additionally, there are more than 180,000 international registrants, meaning the program has global benefits. It is important to note that to become a Chartered Engineer, four years of work is required after graduating.  

  • Study abroad and benefit from excellent international educational system
  • Increase your number of career options
  • Increase your potential salary upon being hired.
  • Choose from some of the best engineering schools in the world, such as University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and University College London

Finally, earning a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering means you are qualified to enroll in a more advanced degree program, such as doctor. Because most careers in the aerospace field are among the most technical in the entire working world, earning such a degree before entering your career may be hugely beneficial or required for certain positions.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Aerospace Engineering in the UK?

The field of aerospace engineering is expected to decline slightly in the coming years. While this may be disappointing, the field is still one of the most advanced and careers are extremely rewarding. Careers in aerospace are divided between aircrafts and spacecrafts. While there are more jobs available for the former, the latter is more advanced and higher paying.

One of the most common jobs that aerospace engineering graduates can pursue is mechanical engineer. These professionals are responsible for nearly every aspect that related to certain machines. Their daily duties involve the operation, maintenance, analysis, and possibly even creation of such machines. They occasionally have the opportunity to design the machinery that is used to create the crafts that are used. Manufacturing system engineers have similar responsibilities, although they are distinct in that they focus on the theoretical more and may design machines using computer software instead.
Part of the reason the aerospace field is declining is because a greater focus is being put on reworking existing air and space crafts, rather than creating new ones. This does mean, however, that many new jobs are opening up involving reducing noise levels and increasing fuel efficiency. This could be an exciting new field to pursue.