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Master’s in Professional Studies in Canada – Get an Advantage With a Postgraduate Degree

A Master’s in Professional Studies degree program is a more practical approach to postgraduate study. Instead of preparing students to conduct extensive research or analyse various theories in a field, this degree is primarily for career training. Professional studies programs may cover a variety of academic subjects depending on the career focus. Most people tend to have previous college education in the form of a Bachelor’s degree before focusing on a Master’s program.

What Is a Master’s in Professional Studies?

People who decide to earn a Master’s in Professional Studies degree often have a clear career goal in mind. Many times, these students are working on their courses on a part-time basis due to full-time work responsibilities. Because of the clear focus of this type of degree for a specific industry or job, it teaches useful job skills that are needed for success. Most program participants work in a field that is directly related to the degree program or have extensive experience in the field. While reading and critical thinking are part of this degree program, research or dissertations usually are not required for professional studies. Some programs offer unique class delivery, either solely online or a combination of online classes and classroom instruction. Some companies even partner with various colleges and offer reduced tuition for advanced study in your industry. Schools in Canada that offer professional degrees include Fanshawe University, the University of Toronto Mississauga, Ryerson University and York University.

Programs in professional studies may be more customised with a combination of classes from a variety of academic departments. This type of degree may also require you to participate in field experience or internships. Students usually finish their program within one to three years. Some possible professional studies degree programs include:

  • Human Resources: Students may learn practical skills involving hiring, managing and developing employees to be most efficient for a company.
  • Real Estate: Best practises in the real estate business are taught to students along with valuable business skills for independent contractors.
  • Hospitality Management: This type of program may be aimed towards students working in restaurants, hotels or other aspects of tourism establishments.  
  • Strategic Leadership: Students learn different methods of managing others and providing sound and effective business leadership.
  • Risk Management: A risk management professional program may be best for students working in the insurance industry in order to analyse liability and process claims.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Professional Studies in Canada?

Most Master’s in Professional Studies programs offer the average student much more flexibility than traditional Master’s degree programs. This gives the option of graduate education to many more people in the population, including parents and people with demanding full-time jobs. A professional studies degree allows students to gain additional experience and expertise in their chosen field of study. People with advanced degrees may find it easier to get offered leadership positions and higher salaries.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Professional Studies?

Career options for people with a Master’s in Professional Studies vary greatly. Generally, people working towards an advanced degree in this area, work in industries related to private business, the government, technology or sales. Careers in teaching or continuing in academia are less common. Additionally, science research positions are not as popular with this type of career training degree.

Depending on your program’s scope, your Master’s in Professional Studies degree may offer specific job additional training. In many cases, you may already hold that job while you complete your studies. Professional studies are a popular way that human resources staff gains additional expertise. In addition, holding a position in management for a corporation or other type of organisation may be feasible with this degree. Various roles in government agencies can be held by people with this type of training, depending on the coursework that was studied. Within the technology field, students who specialised in computer language, applications or coding may find work as developers or working with network design. Some professionals who work as salespeople for industries like healthcare, office supplies, or other business to business settings may additionally find use from this type of program.

If you want to develop your career even more, a Master’s in Professional Studies may work for you. There are plenty of flexible options available in Canada that can help you gain the right skills and expertise.