Master’s in Education in the US

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Getting a Master’s in Education in the US can provide an individual with a quality experience in different ways. The higher education system in the US is considered to be one of the best options in the world. Not only are several of the institutions renowned worldwide, but many of the most recognized professors across various disciplines teach in the US. Many universities offer unique programmes that cannot be found other places, which provides students with a greater pool of educational pursuits to choose from.

As well as academic exploits, international students also have the chance to experience the multicultural environment of the US. One can find some aspects of practically every nationality in the US, which allows for an amazing cultural exchange opportunity. Studying in the US offers both academic and personal growth opportunities.

What is a Master’s in Education?

Simply stated, a Master’s degree is a programme that gives students an in-depth study and mastery of a chosen focus. This degree builds upon the education gained either through a Bachelor’s programme or work experience. Some Master’s programmes, such as a Master’s in Education, do require completion of an internship. This helps to reinforce the material learned and ensure complete mastery of essential skills, as well as provide first-hand knowledge that cannot be taught in a classroom.

A Master’s in Education is specifically targeted towards learning and understanding both the education system and its applications. There are a few different possible majors underneath the Education umbrella. A few of the most common majors found at any university are:

  • Administration
  • Counseling
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • School Psychology

Depending upon the school there might be other major choices, as well as possible concentrations to help target students’ career efforts.

What are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Education?

Pursuing a Master’s degree in Education is critical to certain career paths within the realm of Education. Though some facilities will hire individuals in teaching positions with a Bachelor’s degree, individuals must have a Master’s in order to secure many school counseling positions. Considering that many people do not go on to secure a Master’s degree, the job pool that graduates must compete in is quite small, which helps to increase the chances of them securing quality positions.

Along with major specific benefits, there are certain advantages to obtaining a Master’s in general.

  • In-depth study with professors. At the graduate level there tend to be smaller class sizes. Therefore, students receive more attention from professors. This can help to deepen their learning and understanding of the material at hand. Also, it can lead to strong bonds between students in each cohort, which can develop into helpful business connections in the future.
  • Strong advancement opportunities. For those individuals looking to continue their education and pursue a Doctorate, a Master’s degree is essential. In fact, pursuing a Master’s at a particular institution or taking on a specific major can help to make the transition smooth.
  • Job security. A Master’s degree is very helpful during the hiring process and beyond. This degree signifies a mastery of material, so hiring managers often view these candidates as superior to those without such credentials. Once in a position, if individuals perform well, they may have a good chance to excel within the company or their field.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s in Education?

With a Master’s in Education individuals have a few possible career paths. The majors under the Education umbrella are quite specific and tend to lead to different careers.

  • Administration. This major usually leads to administration positions within schools, such as principals, vice-principals, and deans.
  • Counseling. Graduates with this major tend to pursue careers in school or child counseling. Some institutions may allow students to target their education towards specific age ranges, which may affect the school range they apply for.
  • Curriculum and instruction. This path of study is commonly chosen by individuals looking to teach within the classroom.

There are other majors offered at different schools which may lead to other paths within the Education realm. Educators are constantly needed, so individuals can expect longevity within such careers.
For individuals with a passion for teaching or helping others, especially children, a Master’s in Education could be a great choice. Also, international and native students alike could benefit from exploring a new area by attending an institution in the US. Consider how obtaining a Master’s in Education in the US could help you in your career path.

Montana State University - Billings

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Montana State University Billings (MSUB) is a public institution located in Montana, United States. MSUB offers students a range of master’s degree programs through 3 academic colleges, namely: College of Arts and Sciences; College of Allied Health Professions; and the College of Education....