Master’s in English in Canada

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If you have always enjoyed studying literature and the English language, you may be interested in a Master’s in English degree. This degree, which is offered by many universities across Canada, may help you get closer to a job involving teaching, writing or other forms of communication. If you are ready to take your love of reading or writing to the next level, this program may be for you. The basic requirement before applying is a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.

What Is a Master’s in English?

The Master’s in English degree program may vary widely depending on the location of the school and the student’s focus of study. In general, graduate English coursework involves studies of theory, language, literature and writing. Students can then typically go into further detail within those topics of English in order to complete their degree program. In Canada, most programs last between one to three years. Full-time study without interruption makes it possible to complete your degree sooner. Some schools in Canada that offer Master’s programs in English include University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Carleton University, McGill University and the University of Regina.

Students working towards an advanced degree in English are expected to complete heavy research, extensive reading and a large amount of writing. If your focus is more on literature, you may end your degree with a research project. If you plan to primarily deal with writing in your program, your capstone experience may be a writing portfolio. Some typical classes that are present in many Master’s degree programs for English are:

  • History of the English Language: Students may investigate the origins of the English language and specific transformations that the language has completed over the years.
  • Literary Criticism: This course may prepare students to be more critical readers. It also helps prepare students to make better interpretations of literature.
  • Elements of Rhetoric: Students may be introduced to the different tools writers use to develop discourse, including rhetoric in grammar and rhetorical devices.  
  • Composition Techniques: Students may get practise with academic writing by developing expository essays and short research papers.
  • Capstone: As the final element of a Master’s program, this project-based learning experience brings together either research or a writing portfolio.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in English in Canada?
Having a Master’s in English helps someone in life develop better skills in communication, argument and critical reading. Reading and thinking using different analytical techniques allows an individual to address the hard questions in life and come up with better answers. Earning a Master’s degree may help some people get to the next step in their career advancement or salary growth. Writers may find that working towards a Master’s in English degree helps them further develop their skills and strengths.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in English?

A Master’s in English degree offers many job possibilities in numerous fields. Industries that depend on writing and communication are probably the most common places to find jobs. Creative fields are also settings that are ideal for those with English degrees. Education is another popular spot for many with Master’s in English degrees.

Your career plans with a Master’s in English degree may start with a job that is in the publishing industry or the media. Publishing houses may hire English degree graduates for jobs involved in acquisitions or new writer development. A journalism career may be possible as well. Reporting and writing about the news in the form of online articles or print stories is a solid career choice. Another option could be a speechwriter for an important leader or political representative. It is somewhat common as well for English degree holders to pursue working in the entertainment industry. They may work to write television scripts, movie screenplays or other creative content. A majority of people with skills in this field go into education. They may become secondary school English teachers or college English instructors. Finally, some people elect to work in a freelance role as a writer or novelist. They may work for several years developing a book or articles for publication.

A Master’s in English degree is a smart choice for those interested in communication and writing for their future career. You can find a vast selection of the best schools in Canada that offer this type of program.