Master’s in Educational Technology

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A Master’s in Education Technology is a degree program maintained at the graduate level. It provides students with study and practice involving the increasingly-relevant intersection between education and technology. Though it is offered as a terminal degree at many universities in the UK, US and the rest of the world, students may also pursue doctoral study after completion. Coursework is typically interdisciplinary and covers topics including computers in the classroom, innovative instruction and adaptive technology for learning.

What is a Master’s in Educational Technology?

A Master’s in Educational Technology is ideal for students who are drawn to both theory of instruction and development of educational resources. Because coursework incorporates principles of both disciplines, students have the chance to strengthen both aspects of their educational goals. Some of the classes that might be included in the program include these:

  • Internet and Education
  • Evaluation for Educational Technologists
  • Theory of Educational Technology
  • Educating With Instructional Design
  • Statistics and Data in Education

These classes further develop students’ ability to integrate technology into the classroom and benefit from its use.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Master’s in Educational Technology?

A Master’s in Educational Technology develops students’ creativity, allows them to innovate in the classroom and readies them for a range of potential careers. These benefits, and many others offered by the program, make it a great investment for many students. Some additional reasons you may consider enrolling include these:

  • A Master’s in Educational Technology can lead to opportunities with higher salaries and better prospects.
  • Coursework and practicum in the program develop students’ abilities to teach effectively and innovatively.
  • You may be able to choose an emphasis in the program to guide your studies and develop your own interests.

There are many ways in which a Master’s in Educational Technology can improve your professional prospects and benefit your career.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Educational Technology?

Many students who graduate with a Master’s in Educational Technology pursue careers in teaching, but the technology side of the degree offers other opportunities, too. Whether you plan to bring innovation to the classroom or innovate with the classroom in mind, you can find many chances to do so in jobs such as instructional technologist and training manager.

Students who apply their knowledge by teaching can do so in the following ways:

  • Coordinate complementary curriculum and applications
  • Utilize internet resources to better teach classroom
  • Implement adaptive technology to aid students
  • Search for technological solutions to classroom problems

As an instructional technologist, you can put the knowledge developed in the program to direct use. Applications of your skills may include the following:

  • Design and test tools for improving classroom education
  • Analyze technology and propose improvements
  • Implement processes to improve classroom experience
  • Enhance learning through development of applications

This position is ideal in many ways for students who are interested in focusing on the technological aspects of education with their degree.

This degree can open a range of opportunities for graduate. Search for the university that offers the right Master’s in Educational Technology program today.