Top Master’s in Arabic Programs in Canada

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Master’s in Arabic in Canada

Arabic is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. Students who choose to pursue a Master’s in Arabic are given a distinct advantage in business, education, banking and finance due to their knowledge of this language and the customs of those who speak it. Additionally, Arabic-speaking nations are becoming increasingly important in international and government affairs, so professional, reliable individuals who speak the language are often coveted by government organisations.

What is a Master’s in Arabic?

A Master’s in Arabic is a graduate-level course of study that involves in-depth learning about the language, history and customs of Arab people. Prior to enrollment, students must prove that they have a solid background in Arab-related studies, which often takes the role of an undergraduate degree in Arabic.

Students who pursue these programs at a Canadian university will often face many of the same requirements no matter what institution they choose to receive their education from. Some of the most frequently seen requirements include coursework in the following topics:

  • Speaking, reading and writing the Arabic language.
  • Arabic culture.
  • Modern Arabic literature.
  • Francophone culture of the Maghreb and Middle East.
  • Islam.
  • Politics, history and western religions.

In many cases, students may be given the opportunity to test out of some of the required courses. This is most commonly offered for the language requirement. Students must show that they have a deep, comprehensive proficiency in the language in order to meet this requirement.

Some programs have a thesis option, which allows them to research and transcribe a detailed paper on the topic of their choice. Alternatively, students are often asked to perform a culminating research project, or a capstone project, which demonstrates the full breadth of knowledge they gained while in the program. This final project may include an internship, community service experience, performance or another creative work or translation. Other assessments in the program take the form of oral and written exams and research papers.

Programs are usually two years in length, although this can vary depending on students’ part- or full-time status. In this time, they may choose to specialise in certain Arabic-related studies, such as Islamic societies and cultures, the Arabic language, and middle Eastern studies, depending on the offerings of the university they choose to attend.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Arabic in Canada?

When students earn a Master’s in Arabic from a Canadian university, they receive some very distinct benefits. Arabic is one of the most critical languages in foreign relations, and graduates from advanced-level degree programs are in incredibly high demand in Canada and abroad. This means that graduates are often able to pursue the career path of their choice with little interference. Knowledge of this important language and the customs and traditions of those who speak it also gives these graduates an edge in almost any career they choose. Other advantages include greater exposure to another culture and human experience, as well as the opportunity to earn a more rewarding salary.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Arabic?

Careers for graduates of Master’s in Arabic programs are varied diverse in their offerings. Students can find success in almost every industry in the world, including the following:

  • Translation and interpretation services
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Business
  • Customs
  • Foreign Service and Intelligence

Foreign Service officers are incredibly important to international affairs for Canada and the rest of the world. They serve as diplomats to other nations and are responsible for promoting peace, protecting their nation’s citizens and supporting prosperity both for their home nation and the nation they are visiting as diplomats. Foreign service officers with a specialty in Arabic nations are often placed in positions in which they can directly influence the relations between Arabic countries and their home nations.

Arabic translators are also extremely important to national security and the health of a country. They are often responsible for translating documents, recordings and the spoken word from Arabic into another language. This is often necessary in the military and in other public sector, intelligence-related positions within the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and similar entities within other nations.    
Universities in Canada that offer a Master’s in Arabic are a great avenue for passionate individuals to attain their goals. Seek out the programs the align with your career ambitions and you will take your first step toward a rewarding career.