Master’s in Information System Management in the UK

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A Master’s in Information System Management in the UK is a postgraduate program that provides students with the skills to plan, design and implement various types of IT systems. Students learn to develop approaches based on the intended function of a given system, the demands of its industry and potential vulnerabilities. The curriculum offers courses on common types of networks as well as general principles of IT system management.

What Is a Master’s in Information System Management?

A Master’s in Information System Management is a graduate course of study geared to impart the necessary skills and knowledge for students who are interested in information systems. At many UK universities, this program can take between one and three years to complete; part time study is widely available.

The core curriculum tends to focus on information system structures as well as related applications and databases. Students learn the principles and practical techniques of planning and designing secure, efficient systems that serve the needs of their organisations.  Foundational courses may include:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Database Systems
  • Information Systems Planning and Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Basics of Information Security

Additionally, many programs include an array of optional modules from which students choose based on their area of interest. Students who are more technically oriented may choose courses focusing on security, analysis and architecture. Those who are interested in business and management aspects of the field may select courses on business organisation or project management in the context of information technology systems. Optional courses can include:

  • Business Analytics
  • Information and Network Security
  • Advanced Topics in Security Management
  • Information Technology and Business Strategy
  • Information Security for Government

The Master’s in Information System Management aims to provide students with the framework they need to contextualise information systems within their intended use. This teaches them to design and maintain maximally efficient and secure networks.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Information System Management in the UK?

Master’s in Information System Management in the UK tend to combine theoretical and practical knowledge with a focus on real-life applications. They also encourage analytical and critical thinking, empowering graduates to design innovative and purpose-oriented systems. The combination of general information systems knowledge with specialised areas helps students gain a broad overview of the subject.

Many schools in the UK provide Master’s in Information System Management with a variety of educational experiences, including lectures, directed study, projects and practical laboratory work. This approach is geared to provide an optimal study environment as well as a solid skill and knowledge base for future professional success.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Information System Management?

As an increasing number of industries come to depend on computer networking for essential functions, qualified information system professionals find employment in a variety of sectors throughout the world. Most Master’s in Information System Management graduates go into professions such as system administrator with a variety of employer types, including:

  • Corporations
  • Film studios
  • Manufacturers
  • Energy companies
  • Transportation and shipping companies
  • Technology development
  • Hospitality providers
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance companies
  • Healthcare networks
  • Government agencies
  • Universities

Other graduates combine their information system knowledge with an interest in other areas and take jobs such as:

  • Video game system designer
  • Cloud architect
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Mobile application developer
  • Database architect
  • Health information manager

Earning a Master’s degree in the rapidly developing field of information system management is a good way to obtain higher-level positions. Master’s degree holders gain the administration, organisation and leadership skills to qualify them for supervisory and leadership positions.

Graduates who are interested in continuing research and innovation may take positions with cutting-edge developers. Another option for such individuals is to work independently as an IT consultant, assisting various types of enterprises in setting up advanced, custom-designed information systems.

Some graduates continue to earn further academic degrees, typically in fields related to information systems and network security. They may become high-level consultants or occupy senior positions in the IT departments of government agencies or international organisations.

Whether you are interested in general business information management or the highly technical aspects of system design, a Master’s in Information System Management provides essential knowledge and skills. This degree can help you find employment in a variety of settings and locations.