Master’s in Animation in Canada

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Master’s in Animation in Canada

Individuals with a creative flair and a passion for drawing may want to consider a Master’s in Animation in Canada. Canada offers a variety of programs that help students unlock their creative and professional potential. Studying from one of the top programs in Canada, you could gain the skills necessary for this exciting career. Having a bachelor’s degree from a four-year university is usually required to gain admission.

What Is a Master’s in Animation?

The Master’s in Animation program guides students through training in developing animated pieces of art. Creative pieces of art may include hand drawn animation, computer animated films or graphical design enhanced with flash animation. Students with a background in art, graphic design or illustration are most often the best prepared for graduate coursework in animation. The various program offerings in Canada have students completing their degree in one or two years. The outcome of study is to prepare the student to enter the workforce with a high level of animation skills. Schools located in Canada that have animation programs are Seneca College, University of Alberta and University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

A typical program allows for plenty of opportunities to express creativity. Students are expected to produce many different creative pieces using various animation techniques. Storytelling and filmmaking are a big part of a Master’s in Animation graduate program. Some possible classes for animation students include:

  • Visual Storytelling: Students are introduced to various methods of telling a story using visuals, such as expression, light or setting.
  • Animation Mechanics: Students get practice with different ways to construct animated figures or backgrounds. They may use computer technology or hand drawn techniques.
  • Sound in Animation: The role of sound and music is discussed in an animated work and how it can be better utilised for story purposes.  
  • Three Dimensional Modelling: Students learn about computer modelling methods, such as creating figures, adding textures and developing characters.
  • Student Film Project: In most programs, it is required to complete either an animated short subject or long subject film.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Animation in Canada?

One top benefit that you get after finishing a Master’s in Animation program is a better understanding of the process of animation. You also get to see how your ideas can come together and the steps required to complete a project. Many students additionally realise how to discover great ideas within their creativity. With a degree in this field, you have the required skills to be able to secure employment in many fields that utilise animation. You can also leave school with the confidence to produce your own work independently for entry into national film festivals and contests.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Animation?

Animators with advanced degrees may find more career opportunities in various fields. A Master’s in Animation may help you get hired by a film studio, a graphic design company, an advertising agency or a television production company. There are also opportunities for animators as video game designers. Finally, if you truly want to be your own boss, you could begin a career as an independent filmmaker.

Once you have finished your program, you may go out to seek employment in the entertainment industry. There are many different jobs in film and television studios that use the skills learned in a Master’s in Animation program. You could start out as a background painter or texture artist, in order to help a scene come to life. Another possible position is an art director, who supervises a group of animators in the direction of the background’s look. Some animation graduates go on to find careers in web design. As graphic designers, they use the principles learned from their degree program to create appealing logos or images for companies. It is also possible to find work in video game design. The massive amount of personnel required for video game productions make designers with animation skills in high demand. If you want to solely produce your own animation, you could create your own studio. Then, using a computer and your new skills, you could design and bring to life stories from your imagination.

If you have always dreamed of a fun career in animation, a Master’s in Animation may be the best way to get there. Find the best programs in Canada, and learn about how to apply for the schools to help make your career brighter.

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