Masters in Real Estate Development

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Master Degree Programs in Real Estate Development

A Master’s program is designed for students who’ve completed an undergraduate program. Programs equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to enter the job market with competitive credentials. Full time students typically need one to two years to complete their degree, but programs with research or thesis components may take longer than average.

What Is a Master’s Program in Real Estate Development?

A Master’s program in Real Estate Development combines academic theories and real world case studies to give students an understanding of all real estate aspects. Students study the real estate markets and economic influences that play a part in real estate development. Coursework for this Master’s program frequently includes:  

  • Real Estate Economics: Students take an in-depth look at which market factors influence the real estate market directly and indirectly. Students analyse demographics, regional growth, housing, urban real estate markets and more.
  • Finance and Investment: These courses cover topics like pro forma analysis, property ownership, tax analysis, income streams, risk management and equity valuation. With this knowledge, students learn to analyse the financial decisions in the real estate market.
  • Development Products: Students are introduced to professional development products for the real estate market. They learn to successfully apply these tools in hotel, retail, office and residential settings.
  • Capital Markets: These classes are likely to focus on REITs and CMBS, which are the major financing vehicles for the commercial real estate sector. The course will prepare students with a basic background of these vehicles.
  • Entrepreneurship: As many real estate professionals venture into their own ventures, this course is a common elective or specialisation for this degree.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Real Estate Development?

Graduates are better prepared to navigate the twists and turns of the real estate market and offer competitive skill sets to future employers. This can lead to higher starting salaries or commission percentages.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Real Estate Development?

Upon graduation, students have the opportunity to move on to Doctorate programs in a similar subject or they can transfer directly into the job market in a range of positions. Common entry-level positions for recent graduates include:

  • Real Estate Agent: Agents can work for buyers, sellers or as freelancers. They specialise in property sale facilitation. Graduates must pass an additional license examination to work in this field.
  • Real Estate Appraisal: These professionals specialise in the valuation of real estate. They most frequently work with real estate enterprise, banks and mortgage firms.
  • Commercial Broker: During a real estate deal, commercial real estate brokers act ass middlemen between buyers and sellers. Graduates heading into this niche will need to pass a certification exam.
  • Loan Officer: When clients need to refinance or purchase a new home, loan officers help them secure the loans and funding needed.

Are your excited about the prospect of Master degree programs in Real Estate Development? Align your reality with your professional dreams and start searching for the program. Ensure your potential programs have a curriculum that prepares you for your ideal career goals.

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  • 84%Acceptance Rate

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Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Baltimore, United States

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