Master’s in Quality Assurance in the United States

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Top Master’s in Quality Assurance in the United States

A Master’s degree is an advanced degree that many students choose to pursue after earning a Bachelor’s. Most Master’s programs take only one to two years to complete, but they offer a unique opportunity hone knowledge and skills before entering the work force. There is an increasing number of employers that require their employees to have at least a Master’s education as well. Students who pursue an undergraduate degree in business would do well to consider also earning a Master’s. One option is to earn a Master’s in Quality Assurance in the United States. This degree tends to focus on quality control systems and can assist students in certifying to become quality control managers and more. Three of the top programs for earning this degree in the US are

  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • Kennesaw State University
  • Frank G. Zarb School of Business

What Is a Master’s in Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is but one facet of business. Many students who pursue this degree already have working business experience or a Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Students should expect to encounter many business topics in addition to quality assurance course work. Programs often include research classes and a thesis or project before awarding the degree. Courses students are likely to come across include

  • Regulation and Quality Systems
  • Ethics
  • Legal Issues
  • Statistical Methods
  • Sampling
  • Food Quality Assurance
  • Medical Regulations
  • Drug Regulations
  • Measurement Techniques

Though this degree usually only takes one to two years to complete, admissions requirements are often stringent. Applicants must complete a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, for example, and achieve a specific score on the GMAT. English is the primary language used for university programs in the US. International students might need to prove English fluency before acceptance into a program. This means sitting examinations for English language proficiency, such as TOEFL, IELTS, or another approved exam.

Although many programs hold quality assurance courses entirely on campus, there may also be online learning options. This can be useful for students who are currently working professionals or who do not live close to a university campus. If you are considering earning your degree online, research your options thoroughly to ensure the program will meet your needs for your desired career.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Quality Assurance?

There are many reasons to pursue your Master’s degree after earning your undergraduate. It provides you with one to two extra years to master the knowledge and skills required for your desired career. The degree makes you stand out to employers over other applicants without a Master’s. Graduates with an advanced degree also tend to earn more over their lifetime than those with only an undergraduate. These are all basic benefits to postgraduate studies. You might even qualify for a promotion if you are already working full-time and earn your Master’s degree and quality assurance certification.

When you earn your degree at a university in the US, there are additional benefits. First, you have the opportunity to experience the diverse culture that is America. US universities also tend to have excellent student services, including helping students find internships and jobs after graduation. Many professors have professional experience in your field of study, meaning you get to learn from the experts.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Quality Assurance?

If you decide to focus your studies strictly on quality assurance, it makes sense to find a career in that particular field. You could potentially become a quality assurance manager. This type of manager ensures that a business follow protocols and puts out high-quality goods and services. If the company is not up to par, the manager comes up with a solution to raise and maintain the quality.

Another option is to become a quality assurance auditor. This is different from a quality assurance manager in that an auditor can work for a third party rather than the audited company. An auditor ensures businesses are meeting their quality standards. If a business is not measuring up, the auditor may need to take punitive or remediate action to motivate a qualitative increase.

There are many programs available to earn a Master’s in Quality Assurance in the US. Start searching for the perfect program to enhance your career options today.

Widener University

Chester, United States

  • 236SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 52,909Average Tuition
  • 65%Acceptance Rate

Widener University (Widener) is a private institution with campuses in Pennsylvania and one in Delaware, USA. The university offers a wide range of master's degree programs through its academic schools namely: School of Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Engineering, Nursing, Human Service Professions; Delaware Law School; and Widener Law Commonwealth....

Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, United States

  • 285SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 24,000Average Tuition
  • 73%Acceptance Rate

Eastern Michigan University (EMU) is a learning and research institute in Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA. Students can choose from over 150 master’s degree programs at EMU. ...

Florida Institute of Technology

Melbourne, United States

  • 576SchoolApply Rank
  • USD 56,990Average Tuition
  • 62%Acceptance Rate

The Florida Institute of Technology offers a wide range of science and engineering majors, with over 50% of it's students studying in the field of engineering. The college also boasts as being one of the few universities to offer an aviation degree....