Top Master’s in Project Management Schools

Master’s in Project Management

A Master’s in Project management is an advanced degree program in which students learn how to manage projects from inception to completion. Corporations, now more than ever, are hiring the most qualified, competent individuals to fulfill their project management needs. This program is the ideal arena in which students can gain the skills and knowledge to undertake the task of learning what a project manager does and how to do it effectively and efficiently.

What is a Master’s in Project Management?

Master degree programs in Project Management from around the world may have major differences and similarities depending on the university students attend. To qualify for entrance, students may be required to have a bachelor degree as well as significant work experience. Although the requirements may vary, most programs are designed to help graduate students gain the skills, knowledge and abilities they need in order to act as successful project managers in complex organisations and corporations. Some of the most successful programs have extensive curriculum that focuses on building the following skills:

  • Problem solving,
  • Team exercises,
  • Decision making
  • Hands-on applications
  • Integrative exercises
  • Active participation
  • Research
  • Critical thinking

Although course offerings may differ from program to program, many have similar core requirements. Student can expect to learn about business organisation, business analysis and development, operations management, business administration and supply chain management. Some of the most common courses include the following topics:

  • Research and writing
  • Operations management
  • Business analysis
  • Project management
  • Project metrics, monitoring and control
  • Project risk
  • Communication and collaboration for managers
  • Decision-making

Many programs may also require students to complete a capstone project in which they demonstrate the skills and abilities they gained during their time in the program.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Project Management?

As an interdisciplinary program, the skills students gain in a Master’s in Project Management can be adapted to fit practically any business environment. This makes it easier for graduates to find their footing and enter a career in an industry that they can be passionate about for many years. Additionally, with many different career options available in a variety of businesses, graduates may experience better job security with higher rates of pay. Despite all of this, one of the greatest benefits that many students experience from their time in this type of program is the ability they had to learn with some of the greatest professionals in their field at a celebrated university.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Project Management?

Careers for Master’s in Project Management graduates are abundant in today’s markets. Due to graduates’ high demand in a variety of industries, graduates can expect to find successful employment in many different positions, including:

  • Project manager
  • Master scheduler
  • Industrial production manager
  • Project management analyst
  • Quality management project coordinator
  • Administrative services manager
  • Business planning analyst

Project managers are responsible for overseeing projects during all of their stages. This includes ensuring that the organizational goals, procedures and policies are properly carried out in environments that may be highly focused on meeting client needs and keeping deadlines. These workers may be in charge of making significant business decisions, analysing operations and evaluating employee performance.

Students should ensure that the program they choose will help them keep and achieve their goals.