Top Master’s in Professional Studies Programs

Master’s in Professional Studies

A Master’s in Professional Studies is a graduate-level program that is offered in many areas around the world. This type of program is unique in that it allows students to focus not on research or theory, but on practical skills and applied work in a particular area. While in this interdisciplinary degree students can gain valuable experience and education to help them advance in their chosen career path and find greater satisfaction in their work. Because these programs are often tailored for specific jobs and industries, entrance may be competitive and there may not be a program for every profession.

What is a Master’s in Professional Studies?

The type of Master’s in Professional Studies program that each student experiences will depend largely on the profession on which it is focused as well as the course offerings of the university where it is being granted. Because these degrees are focused on providing students with concrete skills and experience, many programs are flexible in nature. This allows students to choose many of their classes as long as they fit within the framework and requirements of the program.

For example, Cornell University offers a Master of Professional Studies in Information Science. This program allows students to tailor their own individual skill set by utilising a flexible curriculum. They can choose from any of the courses offered at the University, which can allow them to reach the goals that they set when they created their degree program from scratch. Students can often find programs with the following emphasis at various universities:

  • Hospitality management
  • Journalism
  • Real Estate
  • Systems engineering management
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Technology management
  • Human resources management
  • Public relations and corporate communications

Although some programs may offer extreme flexibility and autonomy, others may be much more structured, depending on the area of expertise being sought. Research-based team projects, communication projects and other hands-on training are also often required. Students may be expected to complete fieldwork and internships prior to completing a program.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Professional Studies?

Master degree programs in Professional Studies offer a new path to many of the careers that graduates wish to enter into. For many students, they are more attainable than traditional master’s programs because they allow students to build upon their knowledge in a tangible way in programs that are often offered after hours or online. Employers are also starting to catch on, and many are now seeking out candidates with a Master’s in Professional Studies due to the specialised education it provides. This competitive element can lead to greater job prospects, security and pay.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Professional Studies?

A Master’s in Professional Studies can translate into an incredible variety of careers. Ultimately, the career path students choose to take depends mostly on the area of expertise they have chosen to study during their time in this specialised type of program. Whether students wish to enhance their abilities and make themselves more marketable in their current position or if they wish to switch to a new career, the Master’s’ in Professional Studies can have a dramatic impact on their earning potential and ability to meet their goals.

Master’s in Professional Studies programs exist for a variety of professions. Get started today in a program that can help you attain your goals.