Top Master’s in Enterprise Programs

Master’s in Enterprise

A Master’s in Enterprise is a graduate course that combines entrepreneurship, enterprise and innovation to help students develop new business ideas. With the knowledge they learn in this program, students are prepared to become business leaders in a variety of industries by offering new products that fill real needs. Students can expect to learn from some of the greatest minds in business while learning how to use their background in a spcialised area in the pursuit of new, interesting and helpful business ideas.

What is a Master’s in Enterprise?

Master degree programs in Enterprise are often created as a means by which students can gain an education in business while still gaining valuable information in their field of interest. Students from many academic backgrounds can find acceptance in these programs, including engineering, materials, computer science, the arts and life sciences. They key goal of this type of program is to teach students how to use new enterprise skills and to transform their ideas in realistic business proposals. To do this, students should expect to take many courses in the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Market research
  • Risk management
  • Creation and development

In addition to the business courses that may be required for this degree, students will also choose from courses in their area of interest. For example, at the University of Manchester, students are required to take two units of enterprise courses and 2 units of courses within their chosen area. For a biochemist, these courses are likely to involve current topics in biochemistry that will help the student gain additional knowledge about biochemistry in a commercial context. Students choose these courses from the postgraduate programs offered at the university.

Another key requirement that some schools may have is a year-long enterprise research project. This can be akin to other graduate research requirements seen in other degree programs. Students may be expected to use this project to both show their growth and understanding of the key concepts taught in these programs as well as develop a project with potential commercial applications.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Enterprise?

Graduates of a Master’s in Enterprise program experience first-hand many academic and business-related benefits. Students can use this degree as a stepping stone for additional education in a PhD program, or they can take the advanced entrepreneurial skills they gain and apply them to create a profitable start up. Students have the distinct advantage of being groomed by great minds who have extensive experience in business and in forming new companies with specific goals and product offerings. With this kind of help, students are more likely to find success in their startups than others who have not pursued such a program.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Enterprise?

The main goal for Master’s in Enterprise graduates is that they gain the skills and experience necessary to confidently and successfully create their own companies. This is what a majority of graduates go on to do. Those who choose not to go into business for themselves are highly desired and often recruited by major businesses for their creativity, imagination and vision.

No matter what your goals may be, there is likely a Master’s in Enterprise that will fit your needs. Search the available listings to find a program that works for you.