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Master’s in Quality Assurance in Canada – Prepare for Success With This Degree

If you are looking to get into the career field of quality control, a Master’s in Quality Assurance degree may help you get there. This degree helps students in various product manufacturing fields develop knowledge and skills in maintaining quality production. In Canada, there are many programs that cover this topic specifically for certain industries. Program participants typically have experience in science, technology or related fields as well as a Bachelor’s degree before beginning study in quality assurance.

What Is a Master’s in Quality Assurance?

A Master’s in Quality Assurance allows students to receive specialised training for a career in all aspects of manufacturing for quality. Courses in this topic may cover a variety of subjects related to mathematics, science, engineering and computer technology. While some coursework is presented through traditional instruction, much of quality assurance requires hands-on training and experiences. Unlike some other Master’s degree programs that rely on theory or academic dissertations, quality assurance is a more practical career skill that involves work related to common daily tasks of a quality assurance manager. Students in this program may learn about various engineering problems and management decision making processes in order to maximise product quality. Some students focus their work on specific quality assurance issues that often come up. Canadian schools that offer graduate degrees in this field include Ryerson University, the University of Guelph, Concordia University and the University of Alberta.

Some students are able to pursue their studies on a full-time basis, which gives them the ability to complete the program in a year. Part-time students can also usually be accommodated and finish in a longer period of time. Students are also exposed to a variety of computer technology devices and programs that help quality assurance personnel do their jobs. Here are some other possible topics of study in a Master’s of Quality Assurance program:

  • Quality Function and Management: Students may learn best practises in order to design and manage a system of manufacturing.
  • Reliability: Using principles of probability and other advanced mathematics, students get an understanding of the science of reliability with quality assurance.
  • Human Factor: It is important to understand the role that people have in quality assurance. You may learn about possible issues related to human error and quality control.  
  • Customer Satisfaction: The role of customer satisfaction is discussed through the use of surveying, feedback and other methods of measuring customer happiness with products.
  • Research Project: Throughout program participation, it is expected that students will work towards their own research problem and solution.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Quality Assurance in Canada?
Receiving a Master’s in Quality Assurance degree can help you develop important marketable job skills for many different industries. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to decide which path you would like your career to take you. You also get preparation for taking on a leadership position in a manufacturing or production setting. An increased salary is more realistic for people with this degree as well.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Quality Assurance?

Career options for people with a Master’s in Quality Assurance can fall within numerous industries. Graduates may look for employment within manufacturing, food science, management, science, engineering, architecture or research fields. If you chose to study within a school that specialised in a specific industry’s quality control, you may find your path to that field much clearer.

With a Master’s in Quality Assurance degree in your hand, you are able to begin working as a quality control manager. Quality control managers work with companies to ensure product manufacturing is at or below cost. They also work to make sure product defects or manufacturing issues do not come up. They may use direct feedback from consumers or clients in fine tuning the quality of the product. Another job title option for people with this degree is project manager. A project manager can work in almost any industry. Their job is to supervise the life of a project until completion. Their quality control skills may be used for various tasks throughout the process. They must also manage the people involved in the project’s daily schedule.

Getting your Master’s in Quality Assurance degree could help make your goals of working in quality control happen. There are advanced graduate programs throughout Canada that help you get closer to this type of degree.