Top Master’s Programs in International Business in the US

The world is becoming a smaller place, and those from diverse cultures must work together. A Master’s in International Business is essential training for future business leaders. It prepares graduates to succeed in the globalized market place.

What Is a Master’s Program in International Business?

A Master’s in International Business is an advanced degree based on the traditional MBA format. While an MBA trains students with general business skills, a Master’s in International Business has a narrower focus. Students still receive a thorough business education while working on problems affecting global markets.

To apply, you must have completed a Bachelor’s Degree. Majors in business management, finance, and economics generally do well. You must also have some work history to demonstrate how you have used your education. To get into the best schools, you must pass the GMAT or GRE entrance exams. These test scores along with your GPA determine your eligibility for select schools and programs.

Your training will include a review of basic business skills like accounting, finance, economics and management strategies. You will also master other challenging topics:


  • International Business Laws
  • Transportation and Customs
  • Monetary Policies and Exchange Rates
  • Trade Policies
  • International Tax Policies
  • Multicultural Communication
  • International Marketing Strategies

Programs take two years of fulltime study to complete. You will not need to submit a thesis paper to graduate. Instead, you will work with a group of peers to solve a complicated business problem. A panel of your instructors evaluates your performance.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Master’s Degree in International Business in the US?

With a Master’s Degree in International Business, you qualify for higher levels of responsibility. Expect a corresponding increase in your pay. You will be better confident and prepared to face overcome challenges.

Your advanced skills solve many of the problems your company faces. Each solution you offer increases your value as an employee:

  • Build teams that work together across international borders and in different time zones.
  • Negotiate contracts with suppliers that offer a cost savings.
  • Evaluate the logistics costs of moving your goods to markets.
  • Design processes that maximize output.
  • Avoid pitfalls with regulators in multiple countries.
  • Work with alternative financing systems common in other parts of the world.

You are also qualified to pursue a Doctoral Degree in Business Management. This is the highest possible degree and prepares you to become a university professor. This is a rewarding choice for those who wish to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of leaders.

Universities in the US offer the best training programs worldwide. The education system evolved to meet the needs of the most powerful global economy that has ever existed. The experience, tools, and materials are of the highest quality. Harvard, Stanford, and UC Berkely’s Haas School of Business routinely hold the highest ranks in annual studies. Major corporations around the world recognize the value of a Master’s Degree in International Business from a university in the US.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s Degree in International Business?

Graduates work for large multinational corporations. They fill roles as account representatives, import and export agents, foreign currency investment advisors, international management consultants, foreign policy advisors, and multinational managers.

The lifestyle can be demanding. It is for those that are adventurous and driven to succeed. The job you will be performing will certainly include:

  • Travel to foreign countries to represent your firm.
  • Meetings at odd hours to accommodate time change differences.
  • Working through a translator to communicate with colleagues and staff.
  • Learning new languages and customs.
  • Interacting with foreign regulators and officials.
  • Negotiating contracts and costs in alternative currencies.

For those up to the challenge, the compensation is rewarding. It is possible to rise to executive levels of leadership and become the CEO of some of the largest companies in the world. You can also start your own international company and test your vision against the status quo.

There has been an increase in the interest in Master’s Degree Programs in International Business in the US in recent years. As the global business community has become more closely interrelated, the demand for these job skills is increasing. Colleges across the country are updating their course offerings to improve educational opportunities. Carefully consider your choices before you invest your time and money.