Top Schools for Master's in Communication in the US

Master's in Communication in the US

Master's in Communication in the US explores communication theories within a graduate-level educational environment. Students develop skills in public speaking, business writing, research analysis, and critical thinking. Studying communication in the US provides international students with the opportunity to be immersed in a diverse and multicultural learning environment. Students with an appreciation for writing, spoken word, literature, and the humanities will greatly benefit.

What is a Master's in Communication?

There are many schools in the US that provide degrees in communication with various areas of concentration. Areas of concentration include digital communication, political communication, corporate communication, health communication, and public relations. The basic aspects of a Master's in Communication degree in the US are:

  • Courses in research methods, communication theories, and mass media.
  • Electives regarding specific focuses including journalism, web design, advertising, and speech writing.
  • A thesis project based on the student's research and approved by a committee of faculty members.

Studying communication in the US is a great opportunity to resolve communication issues, develop professional skills, and build an impressive portfolio. Students have the opportunity to glean wisdom and skills from social scientists and industry experts. Aspiring communication professionals can develop their skills at the wide selection of innovative universities in the US.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master's in Communication in the US?

Choosing to study communications at a graduate level is associated with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Improved chances at getting desired careers with increased salaries.
  • Provides a foundation for more advanced education.
  • Excellent opportunity to choose a communication specialty.
  • Deciding between the best communication programs, including John Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, and Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge.

Communication programs in the US prepare students for professions where their fully developed analytical research, critical thinking, and clear communication skills are highly desirable. They will be able to use their knowledge to influence individuals and communities. Many universities have close partnerships with local organizations where students can apply for internships in the communication industry.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master's in Communication?

Graduate students in communication have enhanced skills that give them a wealth of exciting career options. Many alumni find work as directors, managers, and presidents in various organizations, including corporations, government agencies, and non-profits. There are plenty of career options due to the interdisciplinary nature of communication programs.

Public Relations Managers work to maintain and enhance the reputation of a company or client. They achieve this through various social media interactions, including sponsoring community events and distributing press releases. Some public relations managers must also oversee some financial responsibilities, such as fundraising and maintaining funds. Further job duties include:

  • Developing a marketing plan including strategy, budget, goals, and tactics.
  • Creating media relations strategy, achieving desirable placement in broadcast, print, and online media platforms.
  • Directing social media teams.
  • Leveraging existing relationships and cultivating new contacts within media and business.
  • Creating original content for presentations, articles, and press releases.
  • Evaluating opportunities for sponsorships, partnerships, and advertising.
  • Maintaining an understanding of industry trends and making appropriate changes.

Communications Directors are responsible for representing an organization to the outside world. They typically recruit, organize, and manage a team of consultants to achieve this goal. The job duties may include writing speeches, giving interviews, and promoting special events. They typically work closely with other areas of their organizations, including the web designers, advertisers, and financial representatives.

Marketing Managers develop strategies to assist companies in meeting sales objectives. They evaluate product demand, conduct research, identify target audiences, and establish pricing strategies. Other duties may include developing advertising campaigns, package designing, and promoting products via media outlets. Marketing Managers are also responsible for building and maintaining brand awareness through newsletters, emails, product placements, and celebrity endorsements.

A wide range of career paths is available in the communication industry, including those in:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Digital media
  • Journalism
  • Public relations
  • Sales

You have the opportunity of a lifetime to enroll in Master's in Communications program in the US. International students who are passionate about communications theory, solving problems, and persuasion should consider this opportunity. Now that you are informed about this area of study, take the next step by analyzing your options. There are several world-renowned universities to attend.