Top Master’s Degree Schools in Advertising

Master’s in Advertising – Equip Yourself With Marketable Skills

If you dream of working in advertising, a Master’s in Advertising program may be the best way to make your dream a reality. Studying advertising can help you prepare to find work in this exciting and challenging field. A postgraduate level course of study can help you develop your creativity in order to dream up interesting and compelling advertisements. It can also expose you to the business side of the field. While it is usually not required to have a background in the field before being admitted to Master degree programs in Advertising, most graduate schools require at least a Bachelor’s degree in another field for consideration.

What Is a Master’s in Advertising?

A Master’s in Advertising program offers students knowledge and expertise in the subject of persuasion and marketing. Students may learn about the various types of advertising, such as print, television, radio, direct mail and online. They may study the theory of advertising and marketing and learn about the history of this field. Students typically also get practice creating their own advertisements and develop a portfolio of their best work. Some students may choose to specialise in an aspect of advertising, such as copywriting, account management or production. Others may choose to focus on a specific creative medium of advertising. Some of the top schools that offer postgraduate degrees in advertising are Boston University, The University of Texas at Austin, Queensland University of Technology, New York University and The University of Illinois. Within a course of study, you may have classwork and project requirements including:

  • Principles of Advertising
  • Writing for Multimedia
  • Brand Management
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign Management
  • Portfolio Development

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Advertising?

When you get a Master’s in Advertising, you are able to learn the necessary skills that can allow you to work in the field. You may be able to work in producing commercials, which could have you travelling around the world. This type of degree also helps you develop a unique type of creativity that can be thrilling to discover. A higher salary level is also possible with an advanced degree in this field.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Advertising?

Students graduating with a Master’s in Advertising degree most often go into advertising or public relations. Depending on their talents and study specialisation, there are various job titles that may be right for them. On the business side of advertising, there are positions such as media buyer, account manager, promotions manager or media coordinator. There are also opportunities in the creative aspect of advertising. A copywriter develops the specific message needed for all forms of advertising. Art directors and graphic designers plan the look of advertisements. In public relations, you may find work as an image specialist or spokesperson. You could also work on writing press releases or other public relations pieces. Some graduates may work with private businesses in their marketing departments as well.

Master degree programs in Advertising can help you learn the skills that will make you a top candidate for jobs in this field. There are schools around the world that may have what you are looking for, so start your search today.