Top Master’s in Architecture Schools US

Master’s in Architecture in the United States – Gain Valuable Expertise for Your Future

A Master’s in Architecture degree is a way for students to prepare for a career as an architect. Programs in the US offer teaching modules that may help students be ready to take the Architectural Registration Exam to be a certified architect. In many cases, programs work with students who have no experience in the profession. Some students who earned their Bachelor’s degree in the subject may want to advance to a higher salary, so they work towards their Master’s. Program requirements vary; however, many schools in the US require at least a Bachelor’s degree for admission.

What Is a Master’s in Architecture?

Architecture is the study of building design, structural planning and the appreciation of various structures around the world. Today’s programs in architecture rely heavily on computer design technology to help create different designs. Many graduate programs use most of the coursework for practical skills in architecture design and issues. Some programs start with an overview of architectural theory and aesthetics. It is also common to see the study of the history of architecture in some programs. With architectural studies, some programs additionally offer travel study programs. These courses allow students to travel to a specific place, such as Athens, Greece, in order to examine different important architectural structures. The top Master’s in Architecture programs offered in the US include Columbia University, Cornell University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Rice University.

Depending on the demands of your program, you may spend three to four years of study in a Master’s in Architecture program. Some colleges in the US offer opportunities to receive funding for your education to make it more affordable. Your coursework may consist of a combination of theory, computer application and field experiences. Some typical classes involved in a Master’s in Architecture program include:

  • Architectural Design Theory: Students spend time learning about common design theories for structures, including creativity and practical uses.
  • History of Architecture: This course surveys various building design styles and periods seen throughout history.
  • Architectural Drawing: Students practise hand drawing techniques for architectural plans and work on creating their own designs.
  • Building Materials and Methods: Students analyse the different types of materials and methods used in construction.
  • Computer-Aided Design: You may learn about the value of computer-aided design, or CAD, programs to aid with creating blueprints or designs.
  • Independent Project: Students work on an independent architectural design of their choice that showcases their new expertise.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Architecture in the United States?

A Master’s in Architecture degree gives students access to a lucrative career as an architect. It also puts them on the path to be able to improve building technology in their area. Students in a graduate program can also benefit from the networking opportunities you gain through advanced study with your peers. Having a Master’s degree may also help you stand out among other candidates when seeking employment in the field.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Architecture?

This degree is most often used to pursue employment as an architect. With a Master’s in Architecture degree, you can be prepared to get the necessary certifications to work in the field. Within an architectural firm, you may be hired as a design architect. These are the people that plan out the buildings by hand and by using computer design technology before it starts getting built. Another career option is a project architect. This person is tasked to oversee the process of a building’s completion. They use the blueprints from the design architect and work with their team to see that a structure is built on time, safely and within the budget constraints. Another possible job that this degree could lead to is a project manager for an architectural firm. The project manager may supervise an entire team of architects and builders with a structure or large project. If you decide to not become an architect, your design and theory skills could be used to become a building inspector, a surveyor, a town planner or someone who works to conserve historic buildings.

You can prime yourself for success with a Master’s in Architecture degree. Look into some of the most comprehensive programs in the US that can help you get closer to becoming an architect.