Master’s in Architecture in UAE

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Master’s in Architecture in UAE

A Master’s Degree is the logical next step in an education after earning a Bachelor’s Degree. While a Bachelor’s marks the end of an undergraduate education, a Master’s is postgraduate work. In many cases, in order to even earn a Master’s Degree or higher, a students must first demonstrate basic skills and understanding with a Bachelor’s Degree. A Master’s education provides an in-depth look into a particular field of study and the opportunity for a focused education.

A Master’s in Architecture in the United Arab Emirates focuses on the practice of sustainable design. The program itself can last anywhere from one to three years depending on the university and chosen track of study. The degree culminates in the completion of a project that demonstrates understanding of design, theory, and techniques. There are several universities in the UAE that offer this kind of program; Abu Dhabi University, New York University Abu Dhabi, and Higher Colleges of Technology are a few examples.

What Is a Master’s in Architecture in UAE?

In order to even have a chance for admission into a Master’s in Architecture program in the UAE, students must first have earned a Bachelor’s in Architecture from a recognised university. Potential students may also need to complete graduate testing and specific courses before applying to the program. There may also be other requirements for admission, such as meeting a specific GPA.

A Bachelor’s in Architecture focuses on the fundamentals of architecture paired with the general requirements of the university. A Master’s in Architecture delves into the details of the field. This includes technology used in design, materials, building environments, history, theory, ethics, and practice. Many universities also require students to complete graduate-level electives related to the field of study. The pursuit of the Master’s in Architecture culminates in a Master’s project reviewed by relevant faculty.

Some universities offer different tracks for completing a Master’s in Architecture. These can range anywhere from one to three years and encompass varying levels of education. In spite of studying architecture in the UAE, students should expect to study theories and designs from all over the world.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Architecture in UAE?

The UAE has many different architectural wonders. The Emirates Palace, Burj Khalifa, Infinity Tower, and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque are just a few of the beautiful buildings available for viewing. In addition to having access to these beautiful examples of architecture, earning a Master’s Degree is a must for serious architects. It is difficult to break into an entry-level architecture career without a Master’s Degree behind you. There are many other benefits to earning a Master’s in Architecture.

  • Advanced career opportunities
  • Focused study in a specific aspect of architecture
  • Access to cutting-edge technology such as design software
  • Job placement services through some universities
  • Networking with modern architecture professionals

Earning a Master’s in Architecture at a university places you in the presence of architecture professionals. This is the perfect opportunity for guidance by those who excel in the field. The UAE also provides the perfect setting to go out and see unique and beautiful architectural examples in person.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Master’s in Architecture in UAE?

Many people expect that a Master’s in Architecture guarantees a job as an architect. This is a possibility for graduates who wish to pursue that route. Other possible careers for a Master’s in Architecture include urban planner, building surveyor, and even real estate. Just because you have a Master’s in Architecture does not mean you have to enter a career in that field. Earning the Master’s Degree alone can qualify students for a number of jobs not related to the field. Students might choose to become teachers or professors at the collegiate or university level, for example.

Earning a Master’s in Architecture in the UAE also does not limit students to working only in the UAE. Students can easily take their knowledge to any country around the world. Keep in mind that to work as an architecture in other countries, you will need to know the regulations regarding licencing and more.

If you plan on pursuing a career in the architectural field, then you need to consider earning a Master’s in Architecture. There are many different program options available in the UAE. Start your search today to find the perfect program for you.