Top Schools for Architectural Engineering Master’s Degrees in the UK

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Master’s in Architectural Engineering in the UK

Have you ever walked past a skyscraper or other large building and asked yourself what sort of effort went into creating it? How hours years of conceptualizing did it take to come up with its design? How many months of planning and plotting were required to effectively lay out its entire infrastructure? And lastly, how many contractors and labourers were needed to complete it? With every large construction project, bright minds are needed to determine how to best tie all of these different elements together. These are the architectural engineers.

If it has been your hope to one day have a hand in designing and creating such impressive structures, the best next step in your career path may be to seek a Master’s degree in architectural engineering. This field may be a competitive one, with new professionals entering it every day. Having a Master’s degree in this field may help you to stand out in what could be a crowded field of prospective applicants. The United Kingdom can offer you plenty of options when it comes to finding a quality architectural engineering graduate program.

What is a Master’s Program in Architectural Engineering?

Architectural engineers work with architects and contractors during the planning, design and building phases of large construction projects. Often, they are tasked with overseeing several different areas of a project, such as ensuring the structural integrity of a building, determining the ideal layout for lighting, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, or identifying areas where energy conservation elements can be incorporated into a project. Thus, they are often required to have a working knowledge of several different forms of engineering, including:

  • Mechanical
  • Environmental
  • Electrical

Your having an undergraduate degree in any discipline related to engineering may make you the ideal candidate for admission into a Master’s degree in architectural engineering program in the UK. However, it may not necessarily be a prerequisite. If yours happens to be in physics or mathematics, you may also be qualified. Many graduate programs in architectural engineering may also require you to take a graduate school entrance examination before applying. Check with an admissions officer for the school that you are considering to be sure.

Most Master’s in architectural engineering programs offered in the UK take between two-three years to complete. The introductory coursework is aimed at introducing the many different engineering disciplines to you to help you acquire a general knowledge of them. The latter portions of these programs can then be customised to a particular discipline depending upon which area you wish to specialise in. Finally, your studies are concluded with a thesis program, during which you may participate in research and then share your findings.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Master’s in Architectural Engineering?

The decision to pursue a graduate degree is never an easy one, especially when you see your peers choose to instead immediately enter the job market. However, those choosing to begin their careers with only a Bachelor’s degree may often find it difficult to find positions that are anything beyond entry level. If you are willing to take the extra time to continue to build up your skill set through a Master’s degree in architectural engineering program, you may give yourself a better chance to secure a higher-ranking position once you are ready to enter the job market.

Choosing to continue your studies in the UK may be one that pays off handsomely, as well. Not only does the UK feature many stellar institutions of higher learning, but it also offers a cultural environment not found anywhere else in the world. In the UK, you’ll experience a unique blend of modern convenience and old-world charm. Plus, its diverse academic community may offer you the opportunity to establish several networking relationships.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect with a Master’s In Architectural Engineering?

Having a graduate degree in architectural engineering may prepare you to follow a number of different career paths in the construction industry. These include:

  • Architect
  • Engineer
  • City or urban planner
  • Surveyor
  • Civil engineering technician

Your preferred working environment may determine the type of job you want to pursue. If you prefer to work in a studio or office, then you may want to focus on jobs involving planning and design. If, however, you like to get out and get your hands dirty, and a job doing surveying or inspecting and managing job sites may be best for you.

With its many world-class universities that boast an impressive reputation of being able to effectively prepare students for the job market, the UK may be the ideal place for you to pursue a Master’s degree in architectural engineering. Not only are you all but guaranteed to get a top-flight education there, but you will also enjoy a unique cultural experience that you will not soon forget.

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