Do any of the 5 highest paying Masters degrees suit you?

There are a multitude of reasons for continuing on with a Masters in third level education including a passion for your subject or thirst for learning and knowledge. However, another major reason for this has always been, and will likely always remain to be, a desire to set yourself on a career path that will support your material and monetary needs, while at the same time, providing you with stability and challenges.  Many students do a Masters specialisation for this reason – so they can unlock the extra income and opportunities a Masters Degree provides. These twin goals of being both intellectually stimulated and financially rewarded have been key factors identified in studies related to how happy people are with their life. So, here we list not just which Masters pays the most, but which kind of person is suited for each degree. Without further ado, here comes the 5 highest paying Masters degrees.

1. Petroleum engineering – supplying the world with energy

  • Salary range: 96,500 up to 175,000 USD per year.
  • Type of person: an interest in physics, geometry, geology and a genuine love of travel. Planning skills are advantageous, combined with an analytical mindset.
  • An ability to present complicated data and findings in a clear manner.
  • Able to easily work with different cultures.
  • Job description? A combination of lab and field work which can be anywhere globally.
  • Practical hands-on work on drilling sites and extrapolation of raw data to findings.
  • Where can you earn this degree? Master degree in Petroleum engineering

2. Nursing Anaesthesia – helping patients recover faster and with less pain

  • Salary range: from 139,000 to 159,000 USD per year.
  • Type of person: interest in pharmacology, anatomy, medicine and of course in people.
  • Excellent team skills and cooperative skills, clear communication and ability to build rapport.
  • Need to be able to manage stress.
  • Job description? Much clinical work and contact with both medical professionals and patients.
  • Generally set at one work location, variable working shifts.
  • Where can you earn this degree? Master degree in Nursing Anaesthesia

3. Electrical & Computer engineering – design and build core systems

  • Salary range: from 80,600 to 128,000 USD per year.
  • Type of person: Interest in circuitry and electronics, analytical skill-set and a combination of creativity and patience.
  • Independent worker with ability to collaborate with others.
  • Job description? Opportunities across a range of industries, and with this to travel.
  • Designing, building, testing and implementation of components and electrical systems for your industry of choice.
  • Where can you earn this degree? Master degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering 

4. Computer Science & Engineering – Build and design communications systems and software

  • Salary range: from 89,000 to 127,000 USD per year.
  • Type of person: creative and analytical mindset, ability to work and think independently is critical as is the ability to work in teams.
  • Be able to manage stress and deadlines, interest in systems and defining and solving problems.
  • Job description? Take responsibility for the design and implementation of hardware and software for a range of platforms and tools. Or design and build network systems.
  • Truly a global job, where it is also possible to work by distance, especially on the software end.
  • Where can you earn this degree? Master degree in Computer Science & Engineering 

 5. Biomedical Engineering – Design the medical cures of tomorrow

  • Salary range: ranging from 68,400 to 126,000 USD per year.
  • Type of person: an interest in biology, medicine and engineering. Very analytical and creative mindset.
  • Able to work independently and describe ideas and findings with clarity as coursework is primarily research-based with few lectures.
  • Job description? Range of jobs are possible including becoming a doctor, designing new medicines and cures, as well as clincial research positions.
  • Global opportunities with English and the medical community. Both theoretical and more practical roles and the opportunity to benefit society and health.
  • Where can you earn this degree? Master degree in Biomedical Engineering.

* salary statistics are sourced from Payscale