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SchoolApply has partnered with more than 4000 universities, and we will help you find the one that is right for you. You'll work with a SchoolApply advisor who will guide you through the whole application process and will make sure that the university you choose is an exact fit for your academic, social, financial and extracurricular needs. In three easy steps, you will be ready to apply to your chosen universities, whether they are located at home or abroad. What's even better is that you can use the same application to apply to multiple universities.

  • We do all the research

    We do all the research

    SchoolApply collaborates with more than 4,000 universities and colleges around the world to find the best fit for you.

  • Getting you accepted is our priority

    Getting you accepted is our priority

    We are fully committed to your success. We’re on your side and we won’t quit until you get the acceptance you deserve.

  • By students, for students

    By students, for students

    Every person on SchoolApply’s Placement Team was an international student. They know all about what it takes to study abroad.

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Meet a few of our students

  • Arwa Jumaily

    Arwa Jumaily

    Iraqi Iraq

    University of Wolverhampton (2017)

    I recommend SchoolApply to any student who wishes to study abroad. I had a specific subject of study before SchoolApply came on board. I was satisfied with my advisor, who also guided me through my university options.

  • Asmma Kattan

    Asmma Kattan

    Syrian Syria

    Canadian University Dubai (2017)

    SchoolApply provides the guidance and supervision of your dreams. Their follow-up and pleasant tone encourage students to focus on their application process and lead them to the desirable location.

  • Kirti Kamal Baruah

    Kirti Kamal Baruah

    Indian India

    University of Prince Edward Island (2017)

    Quick, responsive and friendly. I was able to get accepted into one of Canada's renowned universities. Thank you to my advisor, Gunjan, for your unconditional help.

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Since our launch in January 2016, SchoolApply has helped thousands of students to access over 4,000 universities and colleges around the globe.
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