Why You Should Take a GMAT Simulation Test

If you plan on applying to graduate school to earn a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), you will need to take the Graduate Management Admission Test, or the GMAT. This exam determines how well you will do in the program and your score plays an important part in your acceptance, so it’s best to do everything you can to prepare before you take the test. One way you can do this is to take free practice tests or GMAT simulation tests that you can find online. Spend more time improving your weaknesses, boost your confidence by being aware of your strengths and save money by taking GMAT practice exams before the real test day.

Different GMAT Formats

There are two main types of GMAT formats students may encounter: paper and digital. Most tests these days are done by computer. Students are only likely to come across the paper examination in remote areas of the world.

The modern computer GMAT is known as a Computer Adaptive Test, or CAT. This means during the multiple-choice portions of the exam, the computer adapts each question to the student’s personal ability based on answers to previous questions. There are many practice exams available for free online, and some schools may even offer GMAT preparation courses that include a free online test or in-class practice examination. Though computer simulation tests offer the most accurate sample experience, you may also be able to find GMAT practice exams in study booklets available at bookstores or libraries.

Benefits of Taking a GMAT Simulation Test

By taking a simulation GMAT, you can clearly see the areas you excel in and the areas that might need more improvement before the test day. You’ll also become more familiar with the test format and questions. Additionally, you will be able to determine if the MBA is the right course of study for you.

  • Learn your strengths and weaknesses - Practice examinations will show you your potential score so you can see where you perform well and which areas need some improvement.
  • Determine what you need to study - You might not understand the types of questions you will face until you take the examination. A practice test or simulation can help you see the kinds of questions and guide you in your studies before taking the real thing.
  • Decide if an MBA is really for you - If you’re unsure about pursuing an MBA, perhaps taking a simulation exam will help you determine if you really want to continue down that path.
  • Get an idea of your score without spending the money - As of 2018, the GMAT cost $250 to take anywhere in the world. That is a lot of money to spend when you are unsure of your performance. Take a free practice test and study hard to ensure you get a high score on your first try.

GMAT Simulation Structure

The GMAT takes three hours and 30 minutes to complete. The test is broken down into four sections:

  • Analytical Writing: One essay prompt, 30 minutes
  • Integrated Reasoning: 12 multiple choice questions, 30 minutes
  • Quantitative: 37 multiple choice questions, 75 minutes
  • Verbal: 41 multiple choice questions, 75 minutes

As of summer 2017, test takers can choose the order they complete the GMAT sections. Simulation tests typically offer sample questions for a test taker to answer before revealing an acceptable response. There are mini test formats and full simulation examinations available – it depends on the source of the practice test. When you complete your GMAT registration, you may be able to request study materials and practice exam sources. The exam schedule and deadlines may differ by graduate school, so check with your program to determine when you need to take the test. You can also request more information from SchoolApply today.