Located on a 175-acre picturesque campus in the eastern foothills of San Jose, California, Evergreen Valley College (EVC) is an exciting and diverse place filled with students working hard to achieve their academic dreams. EVC is an accredited institution that has been serving students for over 40 years. Known as one of the most diverse student bodies within the California Community College System, EVC currently hosts over 15,000 total students from more than 70 countries.


2 Years at Evergreen Valley College + 2 Years at University = 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree

In the United States, EVC is part of an extensive system of public education called the community college, which serves over 12 million students annually throughout the country. Whether students attend a 4-year university or a community college, in the United States the first 2 years of university education are the same, every student must take specific general education courses in addition to their major courses. EVC prepares students in general education and major coursework so that our students have to take only 2 additional years to receive their Bachelor’s Degree. Community college is a vast higher education system in the United States that does not exist in most other countries.

Evergreen has transfer agreements with all 23 California State Universities, 6 University of California institutions, and many private colleges and universities. That means that if students achieve the grade point average in their major of study and the transfer university has availability in their program, after completing 2 years of study at EVC students transfer and achieve their Bachelor’s Degree with only 2 more years. So, two years at community college plus two years at university equals a four year Bachelor’s Degree. Over 95% of Evergreen Valley College’s international students transfer to a 4-year university, meaning that students come to our institution with every intention of transferring, and do in fact transfer to 4-year universities.

EVC promotes an all-inclusive campus community, which is why it has established numerous programs that aid students during their studies.  Students can benefit from free tutoring services and support in various subjects. Students receive free tutoring assistance with Math, Science, English reading, writing, and comprehension.  The Tutoring Program also recruits and trains student tutors each semester – this is considered an on-campus employment opportunity.

EVC students are also provided with support in exploring careers, applying for jobs and internships, and connecting with future employers. EVC has links within the Silicon Valley high tech community to assist students with identifying internships and opportunities.  EVC students can meet with job coaches to develop online resume profiles, learn American interviewing strategies, and go on field trips to visit high tech companies in the area.

Campus Within the “Hub of Technology and Innovation”

Evergreen Valley College is located in the city of San Jose, the largest city within Silicon Valley. This region is known as the home of many of the world's largest high-tech corporations and a center of innovation. The high tech building on campus, including the brand new Math and Science Building, reflect the innovative personality of San Jose.
Evergreen Valley’s academic and research facilities include modern classrooms and laboratories, an extensive physical and online library, the Montgomery Hill Observatory, a performing arts center, and the new MS3 Building (Math, Science, and Social Sciences). The college also has its own athletic and outdoor facilities such as gymnasiums, tennis courts, and its college soccer team.

In close proximity to the campus are museums, art galleries, national parks, hiking trails, professional sports stadiums and theaters. The campus is linked by public transportation via the bus and connections to light rail and the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) subway. Getting around San Jose is easy thanks to these excellent public transportation systems.

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Advancing economic mobility

Evergreen Valley College has been recognized for its Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, and electric vehicle Tesla Automotive Technology programs that enable graduates to improve their employment and earnings outcomes. These programs have established industry partnerships with companies such as Honda, Chrysler, Tesla, NetFlex and FlexFactor, which allows EVC to align its curriculum directly with industry needs.

In line with this, EVC was the first Bay Area college to offer Tesla’s START program, a 12-week program that trains EVC students to work on electric vehicles and become vehicle technicians at Tesla service centers. EVC’s graduates have earned a full-time job, certification and the skills necessary to succeed in the growing electric vehicle industry.

All of EVC’s professors have advanced degrees in their specific field of study. All our professors hold Master’s or a Doctoral Degree to teach our students. Therefore, the level of instruction, quality, and academic rigor is very high.

Over-all campus experience

Being part of Evergreen Valley College will give you a holistic college experience. You will not be only focused on your academics, but you will also enjoy getting involved in a variety of extracurricular activities. Undeniably, EVC students enjoy a balanced work-and-play experience.

The Office of Student Life seeks to create a nurturing campus environment by collaborating with other campus departments, programs and organizations around the community. You can join the International Students Association (ISA), Art & Design Organization, History Club, Computer Science Club, Jazz Club, and Journalism Club, among others. And if you feel like starting your own club, feel free to contact the Student Life team so someone can help you with the process.

The International Student Association is a vibrant program for international and U.S. students that promotes cultural activities, student trips, workshops, and social activities.  Many of our international students join this club and are active members to develop lasting friendships with students from all over the world.

If you are into sports, you can also try joining the EVC men’s or women’s soccer teams and enjoy playing in intercollegiate games and tournaments with your teammates and coaches.

Committed to reaching out and building connections with the local community, EVC organizes monthly food distributions. Student volunteers and dedicated staff members come together to give free food to community and students who need it. This initiative shows that EVC not only delivers high quality education, but it also takes action when it comes to social responsibility. EVC also raised funds to have a food pantry on campus that will provide food on a daily basis for students in need.

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