Colorado Mesa University (CMU) is a public university located in the city of Grand Junction, Colorado in the United States. Located on the Colorado River, the city offers beautiful landscapes and plenty of greenery. The university awards technical certificates, Associate Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees and Master’s Degrees.

Nestled in between mountains and desert canyons, Colorado Mesa University offers International Students a unique opportunity to blaze their own trail and make their education truly their own. Small class sizes and state of the art facilities pair with nearly limitless opportunities for outdoor recreation to create an experience you will not find anywhere else.

Alec Knight, International Student Admissions and Programs, Colorado Mesa University


Welcome to Grand Junction!

The Colorado Mesa University campus is only a few minutes away from downtown Grand Junction. The historic area has many locally owned shops and restaurants and quaint green areas. It takes about four hours by car to reach both Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah. The campus is easily accessible by road, train and bus and is conveniently close to local and international airports.

CMU affordability

Colorado Mesa University is well-known for its affordable tuition – it has the third-lowest tuition and fees amongst other four-year colleges in the state of Colorado, making it an attractive option for international students from all around the world.  

Not only is the tuition low, but CMU also offers impressive financial aid and scholarships. There are International Merit Scholarships that bring the cost of tuition for international students almost down to the in-state tuition costs. Over 71% of students who apply also qualify for this amazing scholarship. Overall, 50% of first-time students received a scholarship this year. In total, $78 million in financial aid was awarded in the 2017-2018 academic year. And no matter what financial aid you are applying for, the university’s Integrated Resources for Information and Solutions (IRIS) department will help you throughout the process and answers any financial aid questions you might have.

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CMU learning and academics

With 104 different majors and 70 concentrations on offer, Colorado Mesa University caters to all students, interests and professional ambitions. Some majors that are popular among international students include computer science, business administration and nursing. The degree concentrations give students the opportunity to customize their studies to better suit their career aspirations.  

CMU prides itself on its excellent faculty and staff, modern learning facilities and small class sizes. Over 88% of classes held at the university have fewer than 40 students, enabling professors to give personalized attention to all their students without compromising quality learning for the whole class.

On-campus student life

As a new student at Colorado Mesa University, you will quickly discover the wonderful hospitality and attention that students, faculty and staff give in order to make sure you settle into your new home with ease. Living on campus comes with many advantages, such as not having to pay separate bills, no grocery shopping, and no commuting to and from school. Living on campus makes it easy for students to attend their classes and also be more involved in the hundreds of student clubs and organizations available on campus. International students are also allowed to work on campus, as regulated by their F1 visa status. CMU has an extensive Outdoor Program, where students and staff plan as many as 200 outdoor trips per year, which includes everything from stargazing and snowshoeing to skydiving. As research has shown that students who live on campus and engage in university activities have a greater success rate for graduation, CMU has implemented a two-year on-campus living requirement.

The CMU International Programs Office dedicates its time to organizing and implementing its own programs for overseas students throughout the year. This ensures that international students are also given the special attention required for them to grow accustomed to a new country, new culture and new school.

Student leadership opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved on campus, meet new people and improve leadership and management skills. CMU’s Residence Life provides many jobs and positions on campus to students throughout the year. Students can apply to become a Resident Assistant (RA), someone who receives ongoing training on topics such as peer counseling, crisis intervention and roommate conflict resolution so they can help students with their everyday issues and problems. Or you could become a part of CMU’s student-led Residence Hall Association (RHA) and make positive changes to campus life. The RHA organizes events and other community service projects for all students and also speaks to CMU management on behalf of the general student population regarding any issues or problems they might be facing. Resident Life puts students first and offers these and many more positions for students to earn money, learn and grow.

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