Chelsea Independent College (CIC), located in England in the United Kingdom has students from over 30 different countries. The school prides itself on its diversity and inclusiveness.


Chelsea Independent College

About Chelsea Independent College

Through all of its programs, CIC aims to produce graduates who are curious, mindful, and confident. The school encourages individuality and supports freedom of expression. Small class sizes, interactive learning, and innovative teaching methods create a stimulating environment in which students grow, develop, and prepare for their time in university. With a location in Central London on Fulham Road, the school is surrounded by a host of cultural activities, dining venues, and transportation options. The campus is well-connected and accessible by tube, bus, or on foot – some of London’s major attractions such as Knightsbridge, Westminster, and Piccadilly Circus are only 20 minutes away by tube.

Chelsea Independent College

The surrounding area

The famous London areas of Chelsea and Fulham are filled with plenty of things to do and are just a short walk away from campus – discover the beautiful artwork at the Victoria & Albert Museum, go for a walk in Battersea Park, or get some shopping done on King’s Road. The college boarding accommodation, Princess Beatrice House, is also only one station away from the school or a ten-minute walk. CIC is centrally located and well-connected to the rest of the city, making it convenient for students to get around the great city of London. 

Chelsea Independent College

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Academic programs

Chelsea Independent College offers an International Foundation Year (IFY) program. The classes are built around 35-minute sessions with anyone class lasting two or three sessions. Classes are structured this way so that students can enjoy short breaks. 

Global community

CIC prides itself on its diversity on campus – the boarding students come from over 30 different countries around the world. And throughout CIC, students live, learn, work and play together. These close interactions lead to greater cultural understanding and prepare students for life in the multicultural professional world.

Chelsea Independent College

Extracurricular activities

Chelsea Independent College understands that part of student learning comes from experiences outside the classroom. It offers a wide range of sports and clubs for students to join so they can practice old hobbies or develop new interests. Between partnerships with the Imperial College’s Ethos Sports Centre, Fulham Reach Boat Club, and Will to Win Tennis and the vast London cultural scene at their fingertips, students at CIC will always be able to find something to suit their interests.

Chelsea Independent College

Student support

CIC provides students with a stellar education and great opportunities. The faculty and staff guide students every step of the way, including through university selection and applications. With close ties to many leading London universities, CIC understands what qualities higher education institutions are looking for in their incoming first-year class. Students receive one-on-one advice on how to plan their future at university. The school even provides training in voice projection, body language, background reading, and mock interviews.

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